Wind Beneath Our Wings by Sharon Shabinaw & Arlene Garrett

Follow us on our journey with God, who is the Wind Beneath 'Our' Wings, as we put pen to paper reliving the 'Miracle' that took place the year 1980 in our lives. A mother suffering from a nervous breakdown, hearing there was no hope,and then receiving the breath of life from God. Experience their testimony and story from the perspective of the patient, going through this traumatic experience of pain and torment, and also through her daughter's eyes, at a time when she needed her mother most!

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Signs from God: When there is no other explanation just

Listening to God’s soft quiet voice has led this mother and daughter team on an ultimate journey of documenting 'Signs from God’ and sharing the true testimony of a miraculous healing Arlene experienced after suffering five long years with a nervous breakdown. It is a story of faith that speaks so profoundly you will clearly recognize that God is in control. He led Sharon on the journey of documenting the signs from God she and her mother have personally received. While documenting these...

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