Ink in My Coffee by Devon Ellington

A witty, candid blog on the ups and downs of the writing life.

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Hex Breaker
Devon Ellington

A Jain Lazarus Adventure
Hex Breaker Jain Lazarus joins the crew of a cursed film, hoping to put to rest what was stirred up before more people die and the film is lost.
Tough, practical Detective Wyatt East becomes her unlikely ally and lover on an adventure fighting zombies, ceremonial magicians, the town wifebeater, the messenger of the gods, and their own past.......

Have You Read?
Babel (Peace Child Book 2)
Gill James

Kaleem has found his father and soon finds the love of his life, Rozia Laurence, but he is still not comfortable with his role as Peace Child. He also has to face some of the less palatable truths about his home planet: it is blighted by the existence of the Z Zone, a place where poorer people live outside of society, and by switchoff, compulsory euthanasia for a healthy but aging population, including his mentor, Razjosh.
The Babel Tower still haunts him, but it begins to make sense as...

The Gift-Knight's Quest (The Gift-Knight Trilogy Book 1)
Dylan Madeley

"Chandra had yet to fathom why Jonnecht could not have lived and ruled for many long years, or why it was so urgent that she ascend immediately."
Chandra never asked to rule Kensrik, but fate took a strange course. Known as a usurper and sorceress by most and traumatised by all that has transpired, she is forced to make use of the few loyal allies she has in order to hold together her restless empire. In an attempt to identify and defeat the conspirators who inadvertently landed her in...

Harbor City (An Alec Winters Series Book 4)
Chariss K. Walker

5 Stars ~~ Although gritty and at points stomach churning with detail, Chariss Walker had written an intensely addictive read that shows someone’s devil is someone else's angel.
After earthshattering personal experiences, Alec Winters travels to Melbourne, Florida for his job. There, he deals with another set of problems – drug and sextrafficking along with more pedophiles whose only desire is to harm innocent children.
You met Alec Winters when he was 16 years old in Prelude. You...

The Stones
Rachael Tamayo

Leah is enjoying her first summer as an adult. Eighteen, and just out of high school, her "summer of freedom" is just beginning. That day, June twentyfirst, will change everything. When she gets a phone call from her friend, Jason, he asks to meet her. "I need to tell you something."
What Leah doesn't know is Jason is about to tell her a tale that will alter the way she looks at everything.
The Stones is a Young Adult Paranormal tale of first love and friendship, while learning that...

The Strange Adventure Of Troll-Burner: A Tale of Dragons,
Colin Lodder

And it begins:
Can our hero survive without his beautiful princess who seems to have been lost to the evil Prince Blackdroop?
It seems that all is lost for our forlorn figure who stands, literally, on the edge of disaster. Until, that is, he meets Boris.
Together, they set off on an adventure with the aim of bringing about peace between the warring nations of Blid and Rigwilt and thereby removing the need for the Princess Nubilo to wed Blackdroop whom she despises for lots of...