Ink in My Coffee by Devon Ellington

A witty, candid blog on the ups and downs of the writing life.

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Hex Breaker
Devon Ellington

A Jain Lazarus Adventure
Hex Breaker Jain Lazarus joins the crew of a cursed film, hoping to put to rest what was stirred up before more people die and the film is lost.
Tough, practical Detective Wyatt East becomes her unlikely ally and lover on an adventure fighting zombies, ceremonial magicians, the town wifebeater, the messenger of the gods, and their own past.......

Have You Read?
Rise of the AntiChrist
Grant Leishman

In the sequel to The Second Coming, JC and Maria plus their children continue their mission of evangelising the Earth. With the assistance of their two gifted, eldest twins, Samantha and Damien they tour Asia building new communities dedicated to their precepts of love and worship.
Evil is lurking though as Beelzebub (The Devil) has escaped the pits of Hades and is hellbent on gaining domination of Earth. To achieve this he plans to raise a human from Earth to become the AntiChrist and...

Hall of Heroes: A Fellowship of Fantasy Anthology

TwentySeven Thrilling Tales from Amazing Fantasy Authors!
Whether they are unwitting, plucky, or just plain epic, heroes capture the imagination and rescue us from everyday life. With stories set in fantastic, magical realms, gritty urban landscapes, and fairytale kingdoms, our heroes stand fast as defenders of good. Struggling against evil governments, wicked demigods, wrathful nature, supernatural conmen, and their own insecurities, each must find the strength to triumph and the will to...

Saxon Quest
C.A. Powell

A Celtic king dies in 560 AD. He leaves a realm in West Britain without an heir. The inhabitants of a neighbouring Saxon kingdom see a chance to invade. This bold undertaking appears straight forward to the invaders…
However, the fixations of intoxicated and audacious men do not always deliver the desired outcome when up against cold reality.......

Beneath the Rainbow (A Hope Within Novel Book 1)
Lisa Shambrook

“It’s those silly dreams that keep us alive.”
Dreams define us, shape us and realise our potential…they make us who we are.
Freya won’t let anything stand in her way. Not even death.
A heartbreaking event leaves Freya’s family devastated, but Freya has left clues to her secrets and her family need to uncover them before it’s too late.
As she watches from beyond, hope and stories of love prevail. Her united family help, however, as final yearned for wishes remain...

Body Butter
Shaunna Rodriguez

"Let me make you some of my famous hot chocolate and we'll chew the fat."
For the last thirty years of her life, 60 yearold MaryLou Taylor has lived in Gig Harbor Washington where wine is a staple and sailboats are as bountiful as a warm summer’s breeze. On any given summer weekend there’s likely to be a cookoff whether it be chowder or chili, arts & crafts shows with friendship quilts or a Regatta celebrating boats, gardens or wine.
But underneath the beauty lies something...