Channeling Naomi by Frank Parker

A fiction piece set in a possible future when some of the possibilities outlined in Naomi Klein's "This Changes Everything" have come to pass.

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Frank Parker

Roger felt too old for this talk of conspiracies and subterfuge. It had all seemed so simple forty years ago: help a friend and a young woman hide the consequences of a single foolish action that both regretted. How had it turned into a witch hunt?
Forty years ago four people conspired to conceal a teenage pregnancy. Now one of them is dead and a book about her threatens to expose a Member of Parliament's guilty secret. For how long will Roger be able to prevent Sally getting at the truth...

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Heliotrope: Pente Addendum: The Fifth Novel In The Pseudoverse

In humanity’s last stand against extinction, one of their own will sacrifice themselves for the greater good. This nonstop cerebruminduced novel Heliotrope: Pente Addendum: The Fifth Novel in the Pseudoverse, is split into two distinct parts. First, the backstory of Heliotrope titled 'Love and Pain'. Second, 'The Trial', in which artificial intelligence itself is put on trial for the deaths of over fourbillion 'individuals'. This novel is told from the POV of several main characters who...

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Missing Thread (The Georgia Series Book 3)
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On a trip to Houston, Charles Dixon disappears, taking Sean on a journey to Texas in search of his wife.
An accident propels Georgia into a battle that not only threatens her survival, but also stretches the very fiber that holds her family together. Can Georgia overcome the elements threatening to destroy her family and if not, can she adapt to the changes forced upon them and keep their love intact?
Missing Thread is the third novel in June V. Bourgo's Georgia Series a story of a...

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Anne Allen

Betrayal, injustice and revenge echo down the years…
1940. Olive marries farmer Bill Falla. The Germans occupy Guernsey.
All too soon Olive realises she’s made a mistake.
Her life changes when she meets Wolfgang, a German officer
but there’s a price to pay. . .
2010. Natalie Ogier returns to Guernsey to escape an abusive relationship – only to be plagued by odd happenings in her beautiful cottage on the site of a derelict and secluded farm. Disturbing dreams,...