Channeling Naomi by Frank Parker

A fiction piece set in a possible future when some of the possibilities outlined in Naomi Klein's "This Changes Everything" have come to pass.

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Frank Parker

Roger felt too old for this talk of conspiracies and subterfuge. It had all seemed so simple forty years ago: help a friend and a young woman hide the consequences of a single foolish action that both regretted. How had it turned into a witch hunt?
Forty years ago four people conspired to conceal a teenage pregnancy. Now one of them is dead and a book about her threatens to expose a Member of Parliament's guilty secret. For how long will Roger be able to prevent Sally getting at the truth...

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What would you do? Call the police? Call the police and risk the ruin of your career?
What if there was another option?
One that could save your career, save your sanity, save your life?
Would you not take it?
That was the decision that Cynthia Ella Lock, star of The Willow Tree, had to make after she had woken up to find a naked, unknown, murdered man on the bed beside her.
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Inceptus (The Steele Novels Book 5)
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An eerily predictive, 2-part Novel
New Consumer Tech: Smartphone Device Interfaces with the Human Brain.
Sarah Whiting, young, attractive, techsavvy homebody, researcher by trade, accepts a potentially lucrative offer to join a product/market analysis team that is performing the final evaluation of the believed technological breakthrough of the century before its release to the public.