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Virtual Mishap (Rory's Life Book 1)
frank harris

Rory is a 15 year old in the future who is trapped in a virtual reality program. This is the story of his adventures, dangers, and escape.......

Have You Read?
Finding Home
Jackie Weger

Twentyfour year old Phoebe Hawley is on a quest to find her family a home. On the road with two siblings, twelve yearold Maydean and five yearold WillieBoy, Phoebe is out of money, out of gas and out of patience. Now the only things she owns in abundance are Hawley backbone and Hawley prideneither of which she can trade for food or gas.  A collision with Gage Morgan puts Phoebe's mission in even worse jeopardyuntil Phoebe discovers Gage Morgan owns the perfect place for the Hawley clan....

Sabotage: A Chronicle of the Chesterton Crash
Bryan Alaspa

The true story of the first bombing of a commercial airliner on US soil is finally told!
In October of 1933 a plane carrying seven people exploded and crashed over Chesterton, Indiana, on its way to Chicago, killing all on board. The crash shocked the small community of Chesterton, but what really shocked the country was the revelation that it was a bomb that brought the plane down. The airline industry was new, and the news of a bomb was potentially disastrous to an industry that was...

Elsewhere: Volume Four (The Journals of Meghan McDonnell Book 4)
Meghan McDonnell

Elsewhere is the fourth installment of the personal journals in which, for almost 30 years, writer Meghan McDonnell has chronicled her life beginning at age eight through present day. With searing candor and tenderness, her musings on daily life and observations of family, social and romantic relationships coalesce in a commentary on challenges, facing down passion and fear, and American life in the 21st century. Wide in scope and vivid in detail, her journals are her confessional love...

The Comanche Girl's Prayer, Texas Women of Spirit Book 2
Angela Castillo

A clean, Christian read with a romantic element.
It's 1890. Called by God, nineteenyearold Soonie Eckhart travels to an illegal Comanche and Kiowa settlement in North Texas to become a teacher for the children in hiding.
Despite her Comanche roots, she finds many in the group, including a volatile young man named Lone Warrior, refuse to accept her.
After a chance encounter in the hills with a band of dangerous men, Soonie must draw on the deepest parts of her faith and courage to...

Winning the Teacher's Heart (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (The
Jean C. Gordon

A Hometown Reunion
Single mom Becca Norton is surprised to discover her high school crush Jared Donnelly is back in town. The motocross champion hasn't been home in years, but the former bad boy is as gorgeous as she remembers. And his kindness toward her kids melts her heart. But when she learns his true purpose in town is to build a motocross school on land near her home, she has to put on the brakes. Her children's welfare is her priority, and her former inlaws have made it clear they...