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Virtual Mishap (Rory's Life Book 1)
frank harris

Rory is a 15 year old in the future who is trapped in a virtual reality program. This is the story of his adventures, dangers, and escape.......

Have You Read?
Time Split
Patricia Smith

A time travelling scientist's 'harmless' tinkering, just before World War II, leads to Nuclear War in the present.

River Dream
DW Davis

Rhiannon has a rule against dating her best friend, Michael. Is it a rule meant to be broken, or a rule that will break her heart?
Rhiannon and sailing are Mike's two greatest loves. Sailing's the one thing he can always count on. Rhiannon's the one he can count on to keep him confused.
As high school begins, the new girl in town sets her sites on Mike. What will Rhiannon's rules cost her, and will she ever get to show Michael she really does love him, too?......


An anthology of short stories about the difficulties people had to go through in Ghana in the late seventies and eighties and how they survived,through all kinds of means......

Ringing in a Voyage (The Ringer series Book 0)
J.K. Norry

This journey begins with a voyage…
Every time Ring takes on a new body he loses all the memories he had in the last one. This time he finds himself on a strange flight in a body he can’t remember taking. The sound of the ringing is loud and insistent. Ring knows what he must do. He just doesn’t know yet who he’ll be doing it to or what he will look like next.
In what little time he has Ring must find his doppleganger and take over his life. With his memories gone he does not...

Lost Time
D. L. Orton

From award-winning author D. L. ORTON comes book two in the Between Two Evils Series. Diego arrives in a grim alternate future where the human race ekes out a desperate existence inside aging biodomes. Can he locate the time machine and get back to Iz? First, he has to figure out how he ended up in a pine tree—buck naked and still carrying that damn seashell…