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Virtual Mishap (Rory's Life Book 1)
frank harris

Rory is a 15 year old in the future who is trapped in a virtual reality program. This is the story of his adventures, dangers, and escape.......

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Framed: The Second Book of the Thousand Years War Series
Angel Ramon

After entering a virtual replica of Earth, where anything that happened in the vitual world happened on Earth, Angel gets a chance to live a normal life again. Many months after the events of the first book, Angel and Maria are now married and enjoying their lives together. Angel sells off his computer repair business in exchange for a NYPD uniform and a chance to be a lieutenant in the force. As Angel makes discoveries exposing the true nature of a construction site in his first case as...

An Ordinary Knight: A Fairy Cursed Fable
H. L. Burke

Stuck in a humiliating position as the Royal Kennel Guard, Sir Percy sees little hope for anything other than an obscure fate. After all, in the Kingdom of Ithelia, you need a fairy to guide you to greatness, and fairies just don't bother with knights like him.
However, when Percy catches the eyes of the sheltered Princess Matilda, his world expands in new and frightening ways.
A victim of an illplanned Christening, Matty has spent her life in a locked tower, hiding from pixie...

Dragon's Cure (Dragon Courage Book 4)
Kandi Wyatt

Serena’s been hurt before, but not like this. He had gone too far this time, and she knew it. When she sets out on her own, she’s unsettled by the ominous noises that seem to follow her. Scratches and huffs that couldn’t have been made by any animal she had ever heard of. With wonder, she discovers that the noises are not the stuff of nightmares, but a baby dragon. And along with it, an intriguing dragon rider named Carryn.
While Serena begins training as a dragon rider, she...

Invasion (The Avalon Trilogy Book 2)
Julie Elizabeth Powell

The children are once again called by the Time Keeper of Avalon and find themselves within the Orb of Caprice, this time joined by Daisy, Billy’s unsuspecting grandmother, where, together, they must find the Key of Light, if all their worlds are to be saved before DarkStar gains control.
The corrupted land of the Dark Reaches is full of mysterious and forbidding creatures, testing friendships and resolve as they battle through this fragmented world in an effort to complete their quest....

Abra Cadaver (Roger and Suzanne Mysteries Book 14)
Jerold Last

A former client who gave Roger and Suzanne their first German shorthaired pointer, Juliet, mysteriously loses her new husband a few days after their wedding. The bumbling local sheriff treats the disappearance as a spouse developing buyer’s remorse and running off. The client, questioning the official nonchalance, hires Roger to find the answers. And we’re off on another complicated murder case involving dangerous wineries, the apocalyptic history of a small rural town, C...