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James Halat - My passion is simple: To live in a world meant for other people. And write about it. Gay, contemporary, literary fiction.

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Syncopated Rhythm: A Novella
James Halat

"The language is so appropriately raw when needed and so fragile in other gifts as a writer are Amazon Hall of Fame Top 100 don't count the days. There are too many of them."
Our narrator, who remains unnamed, grows up gay in the 1960s and 1970s. He spends most of his time alone as a child, not interested in school or church or playing with the other children. A harrowing move from New Jersey to a jerkwater town in Pennsylvania only serves to drive him deeper into isolation. ...

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The Prophet: Intro to The Kota Series
Sunshine Somerville

Mind your own dystopia.
Hazen Stephenson grew up pampered, and he knows it. But he's never had it easy. Hazen's nightmares aren't merely products of his imagination, and he wrestles daily with guilt, responsibility, and questions of fate. Setting off across the globe, he meets people he's dreamed about and changes their lives...for better and for worse.
Then he meets Renny Nado, who never dreamed her Creative Writing degree would amount to much. But a people called 'The Kota' say...

Short & Fun Stories: Vol.1

Short & Fun Stories, Vol. 1 anthology is designed for the busy person with a few minutes to escape.
Within these pages are thirteen of the best writers in the business. You will laugh, cry and shiver, just like with any great novel. The advantage here is that you will get right to the meat of the action, within minutes, without frills.
Unlike other short story collections, this one is by several different authors, thus the variety is beyond wonderful, it is awesome!
The authors...

Girlie and the Quest for Pedi's Family (Girlie Adventures Book
Claire Plaisted

Girlie is far from finished with her adventures. In fact she has only just begun. Now that the hive is saved. Girlie decides it is time to find out what happened to Pedi's Family. Where were they? How could she find them? Along with Sammie Kitten, she sets out into the darkest corner of the garden in seach of centipede families and helps various other insects along the way. Will she or won't she find them...Only time will tell.......

TEMPLE OF THE GRAIL (Rosicrucian Quartet Book 1)
Adriana Koulias

This Best Seller translated into four languages is a smouldering, menacingly delightful whodunnit for history buffs and lovers of the genre.
Heresy, Hypocrisy, Murder...
France, 1254

High on a mountain in the Pyrenees, the monastery of St Lazarus is a forbidding place. Behind its ramparts and battlements heretical acts are said to take place and there is the rumour of a secret a secret so dangerous that its keepers will kill to keep it hidden.
At the end of a bitter...

The Telling Mirror
M G Nelson

When Sig finds herself under a collapsed barn on her farm she falls through a portal which brings her into a different dimension, a strange world filled with gruesome creatures, dangerous centaurs and gracious and magical fairies and butterflies. She finds herself not alone when she bumps into Reggie, who she at first doesn't recognize to be her own cat from her life back on the farm, as he's changed into a boy.
Sig soon finds that she has a special power which is prized in this...