Sermons - Short & Inspirational by Phanuel Muverengwi

Short sermons for your next level in Christ Jesus.

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Living the Christian Life
Phanuel Muverengwi

God does not expect a Christian to begin and end at the point of receiving salvation.

Have You Read?
Smolder on a Slow Burn
Lynda J. Cox

Allison Webster dreams of having an adventure like the characters in the books she loves. But there is no romance in being pursued by a man who wants her dead for educating the children of former slaves. Unlike the heroines she reads about she doesn't have a trusty companion to rescue her...until she literally runs into A.J. Adams, a former Confederate cavalry officer. Now, she just has to convince A.J. he really is the honorable man and hero depicted in the dime novel she is reading....

Peece be onto you (John Peece Book 2)
Michael Kerwood

David Marchant is wanted for murder… the final countdown to his butchery is televised to the whole of the UK, replayed around the world and goes viral on YouTube. Once again, CI Peece and DS Meyal, have their work cut out as they realise that Marchant is not alone.......

The Prophecy (Peace Child Book 1)
Gill James

Kaleem Malkendy is different – and on Terrestra, different is no way to be.
Everything about Kaleem marks him out form the rest: the blond hair and dark skin, the uncomfortable cave where he lives and the fact that he doesn’t know his father. He’s used to unwelcome attention, but even so he’d feel better if some strange old man didn’t keep following him around.
That man introduces himself and begins to explain the Babel Prophecy – and everything in Kaleem’s life...

Extreme Liquidation: Caitlin Diggs Series #2
Gary Starta

Black magic threatens humanity with Extreme Liquidation. The only thing preventing occultist Aleister Crowley from ascension is reincarnation. Trapped in human form again, he's manipulating political events to bring about the End Times and achieve what he believes to be his true destiny. FBI Agent Caitlin Diggs has a secret gift that could stop him, but Crowley's no ordinary enemy. He knows something she doesn't, and tampers with her ability, twisting it to serve his own agenda. Will she...

Dangerous Perceptions: The Road To Nowhere
Stuart Murray

Steve Tait is a tough ex Marine with ambition, determination and the driving force to do whatever he can to create a better existence. But he’s lost, struggling to find his way and hasn’t a clue how to turn his life around.
That begins to change during a trip through Montana when an incident on the highway results in a high speed chase that brings Tait into conflict with Jackson, a powerful rancher who virtually owns the local town. Mistakes happen, leading to Tait, his wife and...