Sermons - Short & Inspirational by Phanuel Muverengwi

Short sermons for your next level in Christ Jesus.

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Living the Christian Life
Phanuel Muverengwi

God does not expect a Christian to begin and end at the point of receiving salvation.

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Hello Goose: A Picture Book (Mama Young's Picture Books 3)
Mama Young

Enjoy this beautifully illustrated picture book. Lovely geese swim in a placid winter lake. An excellent book for young children and beginning readers. Every parent, grandparent, and teacher will enjoy sharing this beautiful book with their little ones.......

Times of Destruction: Christian End Times Thriller (The End
Cliff Ball

The fifth novel of seven in the Christian fiction series, The End Times Saga
In the book, after the rapture occurs, Michael Evans introduces the man who becomes the world leader. The new leader, calling himself the Patriarch and renaming the United Nations to the Union of United Earth, consolidates his power and moves the new world capital to the city of Babylon in Iraq. The Patriarch divides the world into ten administrative regions and has ten men administer those regions for him. Next,...

The Hunt for H. H. Holmes and Trial of America's First Serial
Ben Hammott

4 Books in 1 Edition. Considered to be the best nonfiction account of Holmes Crimes, frauds, capture and trial.
"An informative and exciting true crime mystery following the investigations of Detective Frank Geyer as he unravels the heinous crimes of the serial killer, Henry Holmes."
The hunt for H. H. Homes (Real Name is Herman Webster Mudgett) by Detective Frank Geyer is a fascinating read. With hardly any clues to help him, except for Holmes first confession, which Geyer believed...

It Isn't Cheating if He's Dead
Julie Frayn

Winner of the BigAl's Books and Pals 2014 Reader's Choice Award for women's fiction.
Jemima Stone waited four long years for her missing fiancé, Gerald, to come home, burying herself in her job and feeding the homeless in a local park. When Gerald is found dead halfway across the country, she drowns herself in guilt and wine. And can’t deny an attraction to the cop on the case.
Finn Wight is one hot detective. How soon after informing Jemima of Gerald’s death is too soon to...

Dead On Arrival
Sherry Lewis

Katie Scarlett O'Malley (don't call me Katie) was raised by her father after her mother walked out when Scarlett was just three. Now thirty years later, Scarlett learns that her mother was killed when she lost control of her car less than 50 miles from Scarlett's home town. The news is unnerving, especially since Scarlett had no idea her mother was anywhere around.
Frankly, Scarlett doesn't give a damn. She'd be happy to ignore her mother's accident completely, but that proves to be...