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I'm new in the blogging process, I started it this year so I'm still learning. I like to post poems or short stories I have written, or books review, places I had visit and of course, to share bits of my book "Perfect Match". Then I found out that it is an excellent channel to meet people, to get to know then better. I started "Author Interview" and I had the pleasure to interview interesting and nice people.

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Perfect Match
Marcia Weber Martins

After a terrifying experience, Mary Walker is trying to get her life back. She has her family and her brother Mark to support her. Mary has a special bond with Mark who has a tendency to over protect her, especially after what happened to her.
Mary doesn’t believe in romance anymore and has no intention to fall in love again. Once it was enough. So she decides to concentrate on her studies and carrier.
But the handsome Dr. Dominick Cazelli, her brother’s best friend and well...

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An Unlikely Conclusion (The Velvet Shoe Collection Book 3)
Patty Wiseman

A train wreck threatens her future; a long kept secret threatens to destroy her past. Just when she begins to feel safe the terror begins again. One moment in time, on what should be the happiest day of her life, changes everything. Does Ruth have the strength to fight the chain reaction that finally reveals a shocking secret? Detroit in 1929 may be the scene of an unlikely conclusion.......

Shattered (Soul Shifters Book 4)
Sennah Tate

Sadie Ryder, single mother and physical therapist, has only one desire in life: to be the best mom she can. She knows there aren’t many men willing to date a single mom, so she remains hopelessly devoted to the one man that will always love her: her five yearold son, Noah.
Ty Sampson has led a life of solitude as an expert hacker and resident tech guru. And he liked it that way. Until now. Watching three of his best friends pair off with their soulmates is enough to make Ty reconsider...

Hangman's Wood
Paula K. Randall

When Jake Summers, a university student, is viciously attacked and left for dead, newly promoted D.I. Fiona Brightman finds herself on the trail of a couple of young thugs embarked on a spree of brutal assaults. But soon the violence escalates and first a child and then a middleaged woman are murdered in Hangman's Wood, with a fourth person missing: young and attractive Natalie Gower. With time running out, can Brightman, dealing with a tricky marriage and still grieving from the death of...

Maggie of the Marshes
Annie Daylon

A traumatized young nun, Fiona O’Neill, is trying to decide if she should continue to pursue the religious life. When a mysterious old woman—Maggie O’Brien—appears at the convent door and tells Fiona to seek solutions in Heaven Cove, Fiona heeds the advice. With the guidance of the clairvoyant Maggie, and with assistance from the caring people of Heaven Cove, Fiona rebounds from trauma, learns the secret of her father’s childhood, and finds her true home.
Set in 1960’s...

In Kirkpatrick's Woods
Dara Joy

This was written to be a lengthy novella. (Much longer than a story but not as long as a novel.)
Travel with Victoria to the Vermont woods, where she meets an enigmatic carpenter named Kirkpatrick. He lives in a log cabin, turns wood into works of art, and is the sexiest male Victoria's ever seen. She wants the beautiful carpenter to make love to her so she can get him out of her system. Kirkpatrick is only too happy to oblige. Soon she realizes that the sexy woodsman has a unique...