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I'm new in the blogging process, I started it this year so I'm still learning. I like to post poems or short stories I have written, or books review, places I had visit and of course, to share bits of my book "Perfect Match". Then I found out that it is an excellent channel to meet people, to get to know then better. I started "Author Interview" and I had the pleasure to interview interesting and nice people.

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Perfect Match
Marcia Weber Martins

After a terrifying experience, Mary Walker is trying to get her life back. She has her family and her brother Mark to support her. Mary has a special bond with Mark who has a tendency to over protect her, especially after what happened to her.
Mary doesn’t believe in romance anymore and has no intention to fall in love again. Once it was enough. So she decides to concentrate on her studies and carrier.
But the handsome Dr. Dominick Cazelli, her brother’s best friend and well...

Have You Read?
Harbor City (An Alec Winters Series Book 4)
Chariss K. Walker

5 Stars ~~ Although gritty and at points stomach churning with detail, Chariss Walker had written an intensely addictive read that shows someone’s devil is someone else's angel.
After earthshattering personal experiences, Alec Winters travels to Melbourne, Florida for his job. There, he deals with another set of problems – drug and sextrafficking along with more pedophiles whose only desire is to harm innocent children.
You met Alec Winters when he was 16 years old in Prelude. You...

How Much for a Little Screw?: Tales from Behind the Counter
Graham Higson

How Much for a Little Screw?
Tales from Behind the Counter
Based on true stories ...
"a bright, fun, refreshing conversational style ... I didn't want it to end." Julie Haigh, We Love Memoirs
Strippers, grippers, knickers, knockers, nippers, nipples and ballcocks.
You can buy anything in the local hardware shop—well almost. It’s the legendary Aladdin’s cave with fixes for everything from a leaking pipe, a shattered groyne, a wobbly bladder (—er, that should be ladder)...

To Reap a Whirlwind (McEwen Series Book 2)
Barbara Lieberman

The McEwen family settles in the new Wyoming Territory. The effects of the choices they make will reverberate through future generations. Whose dreams will come true and whose will be dashed forever?
The story began with Message on the Wind, but what came before? Travel further back in time as the McEwens build a ranch in Broken Ridge and a life none of them could have imagined.

Courting the Reaper
Jackie G Williams

Courting the Reaper is a collection of creepy, cruel, gruesome characters you don't want to meet in your worst nightmares.
Check under your bed, settle back and prepare for the chilling hand of the Reaper on your heart.
You've been warned.......

Port City (An Alec Winters Series Book 3)
Chariss K. Walker

You met Alec Winter in Prelude and Crescent City. Now, follow him to Mobile, Alabama in Port City (An Alec Winters Series, Book 3) where he finds and destroys any sex traffickers he can find, freeing their innocent victims. He roams the city streets of New Orleans, Mobile, and Melbourne in order to save the innocent and punish the wicked in this very dark fiction supernatural thriller series.......