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Libertaria: Genesis (BOOK 1) (Libertaria Chronicles)
Sabrina Pena Young

Libertaria is not your typical fourteenyear old. Raised in a Genetics Factory she's never celebrated a birthday, had a BFF, or even had a first crush.
But she can melt your brain with a single glance!
In a postapocalyptic dystopia Libertaria teams up with her megalomaniac drug addict father to destroy evil ReverseAging geneticists with a ragtag robot army of cyborg misfits. In a dystopian world of secrets and mad geneticists Libertaria learns that sometimes to save the world you must...

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MILAN MANNERS: & other short stories-An anthology
Chris Lowry

A collection of short stories written by best selling author Chris Lowry includes sample chapters from new book series. Milan Manners is a snapshot of a young man traveling through Europe by rail in desperate need of food and bath. The adventures and discovery of the depth of human nature is explored in a series of short vignettes that capture the human condition and restore faith in humanity.

Purgatory: Heaven Won't Wait
Billy Helston

Elspeth burns at the stake. Her beauty melts before the mob’s gaze as if she was a scented candle. Matthew, the witchfinder, strives to achieve his life's ambition. His solemn pledge is to rid the world of the infernal necromancers' infestation.
Elspeth rises on the heat from the pyre and tumbles to Earth from the seventeenth to the twentyfirst century. Louis, Elspeth's soul mate, holds the key to the gates of heaven.
Not all may climb the silver stair to paradise.
Loosely based...

Reach For Me (Friend Zone Book 2)
Rachael Tamayo

When Ashley’s high society life crumbles around her in the space of one afternoon, she’s forced to swallow her pride and move back home to Dallas. Having lost both her husband and her career, she takes up a job at her father’s restaurant under her little sister Adrienne’s management. After months living with her parents, she decides to move in with her coworker and friend, Shane. Ashley vows to never let a man cause her life to come crashing down around her ever again. Never will...

Dark Charity (United Earth Charity Book 1)
J.L. Higgs

Virginia McBride is a young socialite who is thrown into a world of murder and corruption. She needs to find out who is wanting her family dead while keeping herself alive and free from an arranged marriage. She uses humour to keep from sinking into depression and getting sucked into a world of darkness. The Spider Web, an international child abduction network, has other ideas. It wants to stop her at all costs before she can take control of the United Earth Charity a charity with a knack...

When The World Goes Crazy (Life's Outtakes Year 1) 52
Daris Howard

52 Humorous And Inspirational Short Stories!From the inspiration of a father's love for his daughter in Tinkertoys In The Cupboard to the humor of a wanttobe athlete in The Nose Warmer, these 52 humorous and inspirational short stories (one for each week of the year) will make you laugh, reminisce, and contemplate the relationships you cherish most. Stories include:
I Came, I Sawed, I Conquered A Question Of Success Why I’m A Teacher As Long As I Can Carry My Own Pack Uncle Hickory And...