View From the Sixth Floor by Elizabeth Newton

Chapter 1 “The world is made up of two classes – the hunters and the huntees.” ― Richard Connell, The Most Dangerous Game I’d always wanted to see London at Christmas. When the boys were small George and I didn’t feel as though we could leave them at Christmas. We believed, as many young people do, there would be plenty of opportunities to have adventures when our sons were grown and had their own families. Then the boys finished college and got married and there was debt and soon grandchildren. And we couldn’t bear to miss those holidays with the little ones. Soon after Matt moved to Boston with his family George started to get sick.

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Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Seven years ago Kort Eriksen went to prison for killing his girlfriend Desiree. Now he’s back in Riddle and some people think he got off easy. Others, including long time friend Norma, think he was railroaded because he’s the only Native American in town. Grace Donahue is running away from her past. Trapped in Riddle until her car is repaired she develops a friendship with Kort. Suddenly accidents are happening and people are dying. Is Kort adding to his list of victim’s or has someone...

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Desolation Gulch
Jessica Jesinghaus

Valerie knew fairytales weren't true... at least not the happilyeverafter kind. In her world, nothing ever worked out so neatly. Her life was full of dark secrets and deep hurt. Until she met Fallon. Somehow he could read her hidden chapters and he knew exactly how to turn her life into a dream.
But Fallon isn't everything he seems; he has dark secrets of his own.
When Valerie finds herself in a dangerous situation and must flee, it's a daunting task. With nowhere to run and no way to...

Bryan W. Alaspa

A thriller from the author of RIG: A Novel of Terror, The Dead Phone and After the Snowfall.
It's a day the town of Dust will never forget
A small town with big secrets sits simmering in the summer heat. A town that will soon face the horror of what they have been hiding with truly explosive consequences. "Dust" is the story of a day in the life of a small town that has been hiding its secrets for so long that they have begun to fester. Now, they are about to explode.......

Extreme Prejudice - Imogene's Message
Christine Sherborne

Do you love Thrillers with a touch of the and recommended by noted editor Don McNairWhen extreme religious fundamentalists known as the Phineas Priesthood led by Ezekiel Yates and his three cousins, target Xantara Pembroke because they believe she is a witch, they launch a major conflict between unworldly disciples of good and evil. This 60,000word, actionpacked thriller shows the twists and turns of both sides as they try to destroy or save the souls of earth.

Imogene is the...

A Reason To Kill: A Blacklick Valley Mystery
Donna Cummins

Frank Kinkaid is every woman’s dream-come-true: powerful, sophisticated, and very, very rich—a dream-come-true, that is, until he becomes her worst nightmare. For under this charismatic facade lies a man obsessed by the need to control, a man who regards women as objects to possess, to exploit, a man driven by heartless cruelty. For the magnetic Kinkaid, armed with shrewdness and charm, money and women seem easy to come by. But will one of these women, drawn in by fate, become his executioner?

Jack The Ripper Versus Sherlock Holmes...: Sherlock Holmes
Phillip Duke Ph.D.

Jack The Ripper is history's most infamous killer and mutilating butcher of women, he was never identified. Sherlock Holmes is the world's most famous murder mystery detective, he never failed and solved every case. Both men were products of the same Victorian era, and lived in the same city, London. It was inevitable that their paths would cross.
Jack The Ripper was an all too real serial killer and mutilating butcher of women, while detective Sherlock Holmes was the brilliant...