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Kathryn Robson

When everything you know about the world to be true is a lie.
When the monster under the bed is suddenly staring back at you in the mirror.
Who do you save and who do you kill?
Today is the day.
It's Amy's 18th birthday.
Her bags are packed and she’s ready to leave. A quick dash to collect her grandfather’s trust fund and she’s out of here. More importantly, she’s out of reach of her abusive stepfather's filthy hands.
But Andras has other plans and soon Amy finds...

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MIND: The Message (The MIND Series Book 4)
Jenn Nixon

After years of trying to fit in, Casey Wu made her own path, her own way, working as a private security consultant in New York City. When Casey’s apartment is broken into and she and her mother become targets of powered individuals with ties to her longmissing father, reality is turned upside down as she’s pulled into an exciting and treacherous world she’s more connected to than she realizes.
Former General Theo Struck left the military behind to shore up the strength of the MIND...

The Shen (Elven) Language Guide
Cathbad Maponus

This Language Guide is a companion for the novels, "Flight of the Elves" and "Relics of Kalî", Books I and II of the "Mountain Elves of Kali" series, by the same author (Cathbad). There are two dictionaries (Shen/Elf to English and English to Shen/Elf), with over 800 translations! Also included are grammatical instructions, common sayings, and poetry and songs translations! A musthave for Cathbad fans.......

Karina Kantas

UNDRESSED is a collection of short fiction, flash, poetry and prose. The anthology contains my own memories, thoughts, and experiences. There are excerpts from published, unpublished and work in progress.
The writing is raw, emotional...NAKED.
For my loyal fans......

Ellie Douglas

A deadly virus, named SB16, is putting the infected into deep comas, and transforming man’s best friend into hungry, viciously aggressive Zombie Dogs. As the world watches in horror, the Zombie Dogs go on the attack, looking to feed their hunger for blood and human flesh. Over 80% of the human population worldwide has already been affected.
What hope does humanity have? Without the help of police, doctors or any infrastructure, the survivors are left in a struggle to keep their...

Everyday Expressions in spoken English
David Cooper

This book is full of everyday spoken English expressions and is useful for people with intermediate or advanced levels of English.
It is aldo ideal for candidates preparing for TOEFL as it contains some expressions which are used in the Listening and Reading sections of the TOEFL exam.......