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Kathryn Robson

When everything you know about the world to be true is a lie.
When the monster under the bed is suddenly staring back at you in the mirror.
Who do you save and who do you kill?
Today is the day.
It's Amy's 18th birthday.
Her bags are packed and she’s ready to leave. A quick dash to collect her grandfather’s trust fund and she’s out of here. More importantly, she’s out of reach of her abusive stepfather's filthy hands.
But Andras has other plans and soon Amy finds...

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Piercing the Darkness (The Rise of Nazil Book 3)
Aaron-Michael Hall

Which side will be victorious when the combatants share the same blood? When their battle begins, neither one can win…without dying.

The Dead Can Kill (The Anya Harding Series Book 3)
Tracey Wickham

Petra Jennings uses a Ouija Board in Anya Harding's shop, despite being advised by both Anya and Jessica Franks of the dangers.
Shortly afterwards Anya starts having clairvoyant dreams about a murder taking place in the shop. To compound matters Anya and her friends start being plagued by a spirit.
Has Anya conquered up a restless spirit by playing with the Ouija Board?
And will Anya be able to stop the murder from taking place and deal with the ghost as well or will events...

It Came From Tomorrow: A Futureman Adventure (The Futureman

Everyone dreams of being a hero but very few actually do anything about it. Enter Nathaniel Hawkins, a university janitor who plays a few too many video games, drinks a little too much beer, and desperately needs to get his life in order.
That is, until he discovers how to travel in time and be a hero to those in the past. His adventures will pit him against a fleshhungry robot monster, intergalactic space lords vying for power, and an evil emperor bent on destryong the planet ...

Song of the Vampire: The Vampyr Series
K. M. McFarland

Twentythreeyearold eighties rock star, Quinn Forrester, was living a dream with a wife, a baby daughter and a hit record until the night he encountered the mysterious vampire who would change his world forever. Eighteen years later, a chance meeting with Nadia, the daughter he abandoned as a baby the night he was turned, shakes his lonely, tormented world.
They reconnect the night Quinn hears Nadia’s celestial voice coming from the stage of his Bourbon Street music club, Vampyr. Nadia...

Lazy Love
Kirsten Osbourne

On the surface, Valerie Dobson has the perfect life. She’s the star of a popular network drama. She has a loving boyfriend of eight years. Everything she touches turns to gold. But underneath her beautiful exterior, lies a beautiful soul with secrets.
Jesse Savoy has been in love with his lovely costar since the day they met, and if not for her boyfriend, he’d have begged her to marry him years before. As soon as her relationship fizzles, he drags her off to Vegas for the marriage he...