The release of Chronicles of Araxx by Kellie Steele

My newest Supernatural Fantasy adventure about a homeless girl living in London, recently escaped from a pack of werewolves has been released. Soon to be best seller!

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White Ghost and the Poison Arrow
Kellie Steele

Arella is an outcast in her tribe, white skinned and silver haired, bright purple eyes and a strong will, while the others are dark skinned and passive. She longs to be free of the chains of society, but does not realize the dangers of this.

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Hag's Breath: A Collection of Witchcraft & Wickedness
S P Oldham

We have all encountered witches in fairy tales of old. We have read of them in childhood stories, railed against them in fevered nightmares. The witches you are about to meet in Hag’s Breath are perhaps not quite what you have known before. Some are wizened crones, some are painfully beautiful; some are as ordinary as you or I. They inhabit wideopen, snowy plains; dark, haunting forests and of course, the fabled cottage in the woods. Still others could so easily be the girl next...

REWIND (Spanish Edition)

Con diecisiete años y sin el apoyo de su familia, Biola llega a la ciudad de Lagos para comenzar una una nueva etapa en su vida. Es la primera vez que se encuentra tan perdida, y no sabe cómo afrontar una situación que se le escapa totalmente de las manos. Una historia de decisiones, equivocaciones, dolor, decepción, rencor... Y de alguna manera, esperanza.......

Missionary or Mercenary

After working abroad in his entire adult life, he wanted to do something meaningful in life and returned home so he can get the capital city of his home nation rid of street children. He started with an herbal business first and then added a new line of health drink business as they grew and used the money from the businesses to run the charity. Initially, everything went well as planned, business was good and the children home was finally built. The government was helpful, public was...

All Things New
Felicia Mires

What happens when a Jew marries Hitler's niece?
When his Jewish family flees from Germany, Jacob Cohen loses everything, his farm, his homeland, and his wife, Hitler's niece. Now, he's living for revenge. Somehow, he'll make Hitler pay for Geli's death. Jacob leaves his son with relatives in England and joins the Resistance in France. Along the way, he has an encounter with God that changes his perspective. He still wants to stop the Nazis, but he's learned that love brings more...

Varangian - King of the Norse
Stuart G. Yates

The mad Emperor Michael V now deposed, blinded and banished, and Zoe restored to Constantinople, Hardrada turns his attentions to his destiny ‒ to Norway and his desire to be its king.
General Maniakes has different ideas. His schemes and plots continue, using Hardrada as an instrument of death and betrayal. But others seek the same end ‒ to rule Byzantium.
Bishops lie, soldiers fight, assassins stalk the streets, and lovers lament … and all lose their lives. Hardrada needs his...