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The Fever
Thomas Fenske

THE FEVER is not just another Lost Gold Mine story!
Sam Milton's life revolves around two things: a cryptic riddle and the mystery of a lost gold mine ... and his search for the truth has been frustrating.
In his mind, he has just one choice: keep looking!
His dangerous trespassing trips into the unknown have alienated his family and friends, and even cost him the woman he loved but his "fever" continues.
Just how far will his lust for gold take him?

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The Architect's Apprentice (The Maps of Time Book 1)
Colin Garrow

London, 1630. A boy searching for his father. A villain stealing books.
Forced to work for the dubious Savidge, elevenyearold Tom Fennel is desperate to find his missing father. Distrustful of what he's heard, he's sure Savidge is involved. Meanwhile, books are vanishing from architect Martin Deacon's library books from the future. Enticed into the mysterious world of updrafts and secrets, Tom learns that finding his father is the least of his worries.

Maria Savva

Nigel Price has MURDER on his mind.
He can run but he cannot hide. Nigel's past has come back to haunt him. The truth is, his past has never left him... it follows him without remorse, catching him at every turn. There is no escape.
Regret, guilt, nightmares, despair... these fill his every waking hour and disturb his sleepless nights.
Take a trip inside Nigel's mind, in this dark, psychological thriller with a paranormal twist.......

Scarlet Ribbons: is it all real, or just a dream?
Anita Dawes

The heartbreaking supernatural story os Maggie Haynes, an English housewife. When a dirty blue car mows her down outside her local suppermarket, she becomes trapped in the nightmare world of a coma patient.
Coming from a happy and contented marriage, Maggie is unprepared for the traumatic and violent lives she encounters in her travels.
In this very different world, she rescues an abused and neglected child. Whenit looks as though she will finally wake up, she cannot bear the thought...

The Grey Eyed Storm: The Occuli, Book One
Christie Stenzel

“EXCITING AND ENGAGING STORY!!! A MUST READ” “RIVETING FROM START TO FINISH” Imagine the shock of being eighteen year old Remy Verbetta and finding out that you are not only not human, but also not from this “world”. Remy’s life is turned upside down when she suddenly finds out her entire life has been a lie. Another “world” is living and breathing along side our own, a kind of alternate dimension. On her eighteenth birthday, Remy finds out that she is not “human”,.

Wishing for a Parallel World
Arriah Kiprujistho

A story of a world and a world beyond... a parallel world.
On one side these famous and well known Hollywood celebrities are living in the constant limelight of fame, rumors, life behind the silverscreen etc., leaving them struggling between reel and real life. On the other side these six best friends are living an extraordinary life, peacefully and happily away from this limelight in a Parallel World.
But destiny has decided something else for them. One accident brings these six...