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The Fever
Thomas Fenske

THE FEVER is not just another Lost Gold Mine story!
Sam Milton's life revolves around two things: a cryptic riddle and the mystery of a lost gold mine ... and his search for the truth has been frustrating.
In his mind, he has just one choice: keep looking!
His dangerous trespassing trips into the unknown have alienated his family and friends, and even cost him the woman he loved but his "fever" continues.
Just how far will his lust for gold take him?

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Through friendships, romantic connections and heartbreak, Millie learns that she is never alone to face the many obstacles life throws her way for her life becomes centred on the...

America Invades: The Controversial Story of How We've Invaded

Americans have invaded nearly half the world's countries and been militarily involved with all the rest, except Andorra, Bhutan and Liechtenstein. Christopher Kelly and Stuart Laycock take you on a global tour of America's military activity around the world from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli and everywhere inbetween. Whatever your political views this is an extraordinary and often surprising story. With personal photos, maps and an index to assist America Invades: How We've...

From Afar: A Novel
Frank Scozzari

For centuries, poets have argued that unrequited love is love in its strongest form. From Afar is a timeless tale of Morgan Stanfield's search for love in the far northern city of Saint Petersburg, Russia. Leaving the warm climate of Santa Barbara, he embarks on a fourday odyssey where he encounters a Russian beauty, a prostitute, a wise old babushka, an American chauvinist, intellectuals, the Russian mafia, and the 'face' of love, and comes to know how love from a distance can be more...

Criss Cross: The first Posh Hits murder mystery (Posh Hits
Caron Allan

Spoilt society girl Cressida BarkerPowell wants to murder her unbearable motherinlaw. She plans the perfect murder but arriving at the scene, she finds the old woman already dead. Obviously her HitchcockMovieloving best pal, Monica, has carried out the deed for her! Taking the murderswitch idea from their favourite Hitchcock movie, Cressida decides the only real way to show her gratitude is by killing off Monica’s philandering husband and his bimbo girlfriend. Monica should appreciate...

WITCHMAS: a Marshal of Magic file
Chris Lowry

The Marshal of Magic has got a problem. He's out on a first date, the first date he's been on since his wife went missing years ago when a rogue trio of witches show up and ruin his night.
Now he's got a nine foot demon streaking around the city wreaking havoc, he has to stop the witches before they can cast whatever spell they summoned the damn thing for, and oh yeah, he's being haunted by the ghost of a former partner that's going to be tied to him forever unless he can figure a way to...