Angel Leya by Angel Leya

An author who enjoys creating stories with a dash of magic and love.

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Skye's Lure
Angel Leya

Can saving a human really lead to the destruction of her people?
When a party ship cruises through her part of the sea, mermaid Skye ends up saving Vince, a man, from drowning - a crime punishable by death. When the ship comes back, so does she.
Lured by the promise of seeing land and the handsome Vince, Skye boards the ship, but Vince is not as trustworthy as she first thought. Now it's a race to save herself and the Mer from exposure and destruction.

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Hell To Pay (Crime Files Book 1)
Jenny Thomson

Nancy Kerr refuses to be a victim—even when she walks in on her parents’ killers and is raped and left for dead…
Fourteen months later, Nancy wakes up in a psychiatric hospital with no knowledge of how she got there.
Slowly, her memory starts to return.
Released from the institution, she has just one thing on her mind—two men brought hell to her family home.
Now they’re in for some hell of their own…......

Kader Rawat

The Far Away Colony tells the story of this young girl of the High of SaintPaul who wanted to escape from the life of misery that she had known up until the day she decided to look for work among the wealthy people of the city. This thirst to succeed his life will result in a succession of adventure where she would have been able to lose herself for ever if she had not shown a hinged, despite she have got to endure the mos difficult situations as for example bearing a child conceived in sin,...

Battlefield Z Zombie Blues Highway
Chris Lowry

Almost home.
The hero of Battlefield Z finally makes it to the Mississippi River that borders the state of Arkansas. He's only two hours from home, a couple of hundred miles from finding answers.
But when an ambush traps him deep in the delta region with a throwback to "the South will rise again" rednecks, he must battle through Z, gun nuts and anything else the Natural State can throw his way in a race to save his children.
Fans, fathers and Armageddon lovers have fallen in love...

Chasing Zero
W.H. Beswick

The world has gone into the toilet. You may as well pull the handle and flush it. You knew we were doing a pretty good job of screwing up the planet. Then the aliens showed up. They were like, hey we are your friends!. We are just here to help. Lies! Billions are dead from the wars. Then came the fun virus that seemed to kill everyone except my friend Reggan. She not only survived the virus but her blood gave us a cure. What thanks does she get? None. She is being hunted like an...

Moriarity: Infinite Worlds, Infinite Choices
John Pirillo

Professor Moriarity has finally murdered Sherlock Holmes and now he has all of the Great Detective's friends hot on his tail. Knowing he faces certain death if caught, he abandons his London to leap across time and space to an alternate London where no one knows of him.
In a crazy twist of fate on the other side, the alternate London, James Moriarity, a duplicate of Professor Moriarity is trying to avoid the London police at the same time. He rushes to escape the scene of the crime and...