Brave Bear Books by Paul G Day

Simple stories, beautifully told.

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Children of Mars
Paul Day

When their parents go missing on a routine mission, nine children are left to survive on the often dangerous and unforgiving red planet. Nineteen year old Freddie, together with her brother Pierre, must keep the younger ones safe, while they try to solve the mysterious disappearance of the adults. But Mars holds a secret so devastating that it will shake the very foundation of their world.......

Have You Read?
Wild in the Yukon
Karl Kaulback

This world is filled with “Thinkers” and “Dreamers”. Some people spend their lives wishing or praying for something that they think they are missing. Fulfillment, satisfaction, spiritual connections and instant gratifications are only to mention a few. The character in this book is a doer. William is the son of a mixed marriage couple and was born in the Yukon Territories wilderness. Although brought up in isolation he was taught to not only survive but to conquer his goals and...

The Black and Tan Summer
C. A. Powell

Ireland: Summer of 1920
Father John wanted to keep his village of Cafgarven free from trouble. However, the surrounding countryside was in the grip of a rebellion against Great Britain’s Crown forces. He found himself caught up in the horrid conflict of titfortat murder when two individuals from either side of the struggle came to him for help. One was a Fenian rebel from a decimated flying column; the other was a young English Black and Tan.......

Mummy's Little Angel
JW Lawson

Joanne didn’t believe that her life could become worse than it already was. She had lost everybody and everything she had loved. Surely she had suffered enough?
The press had called Joanne’s identical twins psychopaths. Her Maggie. Her Annie. But she still loved them, even though one of them had killed her husband, Jeff. Joanne believed that his murder had been an accident. How could one of her girls be a murderer? She knew them better than anybody else; they were good girls really....

Donna Zadunajsky

Twentysix years pass, Deanna moves back to the town where she grew up – back where her secret began and her life changed forever.
She receives a call from the police. Both her sister and her son are in hospital, critically injured in a car accident.
Sitting with her unconscious son, Deanna meets the doctor. Recognition flashes through her mind. There is something uncannily familiar about her. Could the doctor be her daughter? But she died minutes after her birth –...

Alan Porter

How do you outrun an enemy you can't even see?
Daniel Ang lives to run, so when a freak accident leaves him in a wheelchair, he thinks his life is over.
He fights against his injury, against the creatures that did this to him, and against life itself.
What he doesn't realise is that the real enemy is not out there at all.
It's inside him, and crippling his body is only the beginning....
is a story of one man's descent into madness as he loses everything he
once held...