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Children of Mars
Paul Day

When their parents go missing on a routine mission, nine children are left to survive on the often dangerous and unforgiving red planet. Nineteen year old Freddie, together with her brother Pierre, must keep the younger ones safe, while they try to solve the mysterious disappearance of the adults. But Mars holds a secret so devastating that it will shake the very foundation of their world.......

Have You Read?
Alan Porter

How do you outrun an enemy you can't even see?
Daniel Ang lives to run, so when a freak accident leaves him in a wheelchair, he thinks his life is over.
He fights against his injury, against the creatures that did this to him, and against life itself.
What he doesn't realise is that the real enemy is not out there at all.
It's inside him, and crippling his body is only the beginning....
is a story of one man's descent into madness as he loses everything he
once held...

Beyond Death
Deb McEwan

What really happens when we die? Claire Sylvester is about to find out.
Finding herself suspended between Heaven and Hell she has to come to terms with the secret lives of her family and decide how to save those that deserve saving. While others make decisions about where she'll spend eternity Claire faces betrayal, violence and evil.
‘Beyond Death’, a fast-paced paranormal thriller of life, death, deceit and danger.

The Phoenix Mission
L. Sydney Fisher

From the bestselling author comes a supernatural suspense inspired by the United States Army's secret psychic spy program known as Stargate. For almost two decades, the United States Military trained special agents believed to hold extraordinary supernatural abilities. In 1995 during the Clinton Administration, the program was shut down. Now twenty years later, a new story emerges.
Meet Sergeant Major Seth Phoenix who has spent his entire life guarding his extraordinary "gifts" unti

The Shadow Rises (Witch-Hunter Book 1)
K. S. Marsden

Witches are real, and to be blunt, they’re all blackhearted, and evil. These are not wiccans, bored housewives and teens that wore too much black, playing with candles and poems; witches are a different breed that use magic with devastating effect.
Charged with stopping the witches, taking whatever measures necessary, there are witchhunters, all reporting to the Malleus Maleficarum Council (MMC). For hundreds of years witches have been persecuted and when the powerful Shadow Witch...

Dark Tales II
Paul Jameson

From the fun of circus ride and a love of gold to a meal for two and a 'VottaVokky', 'Dark Tales II' is a collection of 13 contemporary short stories and flash fiction by UKbased author Paul Jameson.

Whether humorous, strange or uplifting, there is an undercurrent of darkness that always makes you think.........