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My thoughts on various subjects about life, movies, books and anything I think of that may be of interest.

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Omega (Col Sec series Book 2)
Jan Domagala

Matthew Hawk, an agent of Col Sec Intelligence Division was vital to the rescue mission that helped bring Kurt Stryder back from the clutches of the Elysium Alliance in Ronin, the first in the Col Sec series. In OMEGA, Matt takes centre stage.
On a mission to capture a terrorist cell Matt and a group of Recon Delta marines led by Colonel De Boer, find more than they bargained for. They captured a lone figure who turned out to be their first contact with OMEGA an insidious group that had...

Have You Read?
Out of the Wilderness (The Wilderness Series Book 5)
Pamela Ackerson

Karen Standing Deer's daughter, Jennifer, knows exactly what she wantsto fall in love and marry a Native American just like her father and brother. Everyone else is immediately dismissed. Her friends and family keep telling her, the one you want could be right in front of her face.
Unfortunately, like watching a bolt of lightning hit the ground, there's nothing that can be done about it. She has the uncanny knack of choosing the wrong men, every time.
Traveling to the past, with the...

Notes from the Nineties: Stories and Poems
M Thomas Apple

A beach in Ireland, a mountain temple in Japan, a hot summer drive in the Bronx, a dentist's office in Michigan, a hospital in San Francisco, and a bus ride through the Hudson Valley, poems and photos between, disparate tales tied together with raw emotions: rage, tenderness, vindictiveness, jealousy, terror, sorrow, loss, acceptance.

Queen Mallaegania and the Valley of the Demon
Maurice Hardy

, myths and folklore referred to is as ‘The Valley Of The Demon’. Ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian texts described the existence of a large fertile valley totally surrounded by cliffs and mountains. Being virtually inaccessible, it was dismissed by the great powers as irrelevant. Legend tells of an orderly civilisation evolving in the sanctuary of this fortresslike valley, under the rule of a powerful and mysterious Queen named Mallagaenia.
However in 34BC, a massive earthquake...

Hunters of Satan's Monsters:
Horace S. Mallette

"It is a science fiction, supernatural thriller. It is about a man who, after living for forty years, realizes he is only ten years old—being that he was born on a leap day—and belongs to an order of supernatural beings who live for as long as three hundred years. These beings work alongside humankind and other hybrid beings in a secret organization that is set up worldwide to defend humanity from the various evils that traverse the earth. He is recruited and trained to use his special...

Death by Ploot Ploot! (Matrix of Destiny Book 5)
Dara Joy

This was written to be a lengthy novella. (Much longer than a story but not as long as a novel.)
What happens when Deana decides to introduce the concept of Valentine's Day to Aviara?
Yep, that is pretty insane. What are you thinking, Deanna?!
How will the fearsome Charl knights react to the concept of a day of romance?
Sexy time for wizards. With sparks.
Welcome, traveler!
Time to rejoin old...