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My thoughts on various subjects about life, movies, books and anything I think of that may be of interest.

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Omega (Col Sec series Book 2)
Jan Domagala

Matthew Hawk, an agent of Col Sec Intelligence Division was vital to the rescue mission that helped bring Kurt Stryder back from the clutches of the Elysium Alliance in Ronin, the first in the Col Sec series. In OMEGA, Matt takes centre stage.
On a mission to capture a terrorist cell Matt and a group of Recon Delta marines led by Colonel De Boer, find more than they bargained for. They captured a lone figure who turned out to be their first contact with OMEGA an insidious group that had...

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Federal City's Secret (Marie Bartek & the SIP Team Series Book
Robin Murphy

Reviewed by Author Anna del C. Dye for Readers' Favorite
In the pages of this book the reader will find a really fun and interesting tale about a magazine reporter who is over her head in a political investigation. Kelly Kaufman is a reporter, assigned to dig into a political figure who wants to run for president. When she doesn’t contact her mother for two weeks, Shawna calls the paranormal investigators. She has some shadows and such in her apartment and uses this to bring them to...

The Traitor Within (Natasha Kelly, Mossad Spy Book 6)
Felicia Mires

Mossad Spy Natasha Kelly eventually gets the chance to visit the movie set of her heartthrob fiance, Dirk Sloan. When someone takes a shot at Dirk, Natasha is certain it has something to do with a missing nuclear warhead. After Natasha pulls a gun and takes down Dirks assailant, pictures appear in the news. Dirk decides it will be safer for his career if Natasha is seen in less violent circumstances. He sends her to Israel to attend a wedding with his sister.
Things go from bad to worse...

The Lamb (The Birthright Series Book 3)
Jacci Turner

Tyrell and Tiffany are back in the last book of The Birthright Series. Ty and Tiff want to be together, but between her parents and his exgirlfriend, Sheila, who still has her eye on Ty, their relationship seems doomed from the start. And now Ty is having disturbing dreams like the ones that led him and his Blue Group friends to the rescue of Dawna. Plus, Tiff's new friend, Lorna, just might be crazy. Join Ty, Tiff, and their friends as they try to decipher clues to this action packed,...

When life has you down, change your perspective. Be kind.
Sarah Butland

What would happen if everyone appreciated everything for their experience and what it had to teach them?

Guarding The Lake (Teen Love Trilogy Book 3)
Dana Burkey

Enjoying the hot New York summers from her perch on a lifeguard chair at Sunrise Beach, Natalie is sad to see the season at Beechwood Estates come to a close. The rich gated community in upstate New York is home to families looking to spend the hottest months of the year relaxing at the resort style homes and shops around Lake Elinor. But none of that matters to Natalie. She has her eyes set on one thing, and one thing only: Michael Preston. After a loud and dramatic breakup with his fellow...