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Take Back the Memory
Augustine Sam

Paige Lyman, an accomplished psychiatrist, is on the verge of madness but she doesn’t know it yet. The madness begins when she gets it into her head to write her memoirs. As her brilliant mind assembles bits and pieces of her life for the book, ugly skeletons, long forgotten in the closet, begin to rear their heads.
It had all begun with a simple act of love. And love, for her, was a blondhaired Irish boy named Bill, so when Bill abandoned her for priesthood the world around her...

Have You Read?
The Weight of Darkness (The Darkness Series Book 1)
A. S. McNair

Despite only ever being unlucky in love, when Anna meets Jay she falls hard and fast. But unlike the ideal man of her dreams, Jay’s life is in shambles. He stands accused of murder and treason and is on the run for his life. When Anna gets drawn in to his crazy world she learns her most steadfast beliefs may all be lies. Her parents didn’t really die in a car crash and the kind couple who raised her may have been accomplices in their murder. And there is one small detail she can’t...

Run, Wrexsome... Run!: The long and winding road to canine
Sylvia FitzSimons

When Oliver, a shy and somewhat sociallychallenged fourteenyearold with an overactive imagination gets his first dog an adopted Lurcher he soon begins to see his new canine companion as a 'very special dog indeed', capable of
great achievements.
With the aid of his best friend's 'dodgy dad', plus a few fortuitous loopholes created by the language barrier when the family relocate to Spain, Oliver discovers how a couple of 'little white lies' and a small act of deceit can go a long,...

A Lawyer's Primer for Writers: From Crimes to Courtrooms

A Lawyer's Primer for Writers: From Crimes to Courtrooms is a front row seat inside the big top of justice, where a lawyer presents the world of litigation and lawbreakers. Audiences: Writers crafting legal thrillers, fans of legal movies and TV shows, researchers and armchair legal eagles.
Sampling of Book Topics:
A History of Trials
Players in the Courtroom
The Courtroom Setting
Jury Experts
Types of Courts
Types of Lawyers
Lawyers and Ethics
Lawyers and...

Cruel Galaxy
Robert Haddad

CRUEL GALAXY, tells the story of Mankind’s last best chance of survival. When humanity is faced with extinction in the year 2061, Captain Travis Donner and his clan must depend on each other as they set off into space on the Colorado, a ship they hope will carry them through the mysteries and perils to a new home somewhere in this cruel galaxy.......

Mermaid Hair and I Don't Care: A romantic comedy about shoes,
CJ Morrow

By the author of bestselling Blame it on the Onesie.
There are two certainties in Lily Ward’s life:
• A job she loves with an imminent promotion
• A gorgeous boyfriend who’s about to make a commitment
But a last minute holiday and office politics are about to cast doubt on those certainties and turn her world upside down.
Can Lily weather the storm, uncover the secrets of success, survive the hand of fate and achieve happiness?
The perfect read for beach, train or...