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Take Back the Memory
Augustine Sam

Paige Lyman, an accomplished psychiatrist, is on the verge of madness but she doesn’t know it yet. The madness begins when she gets it into her head to write her memoirs. As her brilliant mind assembles bits and pieces of her life for the book, ugly skeletons, long forgotten in the closet, begin to rear their heads.
It had all begun with a simple act of love. And love, for her, was a blondhaired Irish boy named Bill, so when Bill abandoned her for priesthood the world around her...

Have You Read?
I Am Kairu
Gregory McEwan

Kairu is eleven years old and is making his way with his father towards a destination unknown to him. The prospect of the long journey excites him, yet Kairu cannot help feeling afraid.
The young African boy knows the meaning of his name. Black one. When Kairu finally reaches his destination he realizes that the life he knew and loved would never again be the same and soon learns that in life, all things happen for a purpose.........

Whacking Happiness: A How-To Guide
JD Lovil

Are you sitting on the couch, wondering why you are not happy?
Are you ready to change your life?
There is a way that you can get out of your rut, and actually start feeling happy for a change.
It will not be as easy as watching television, but it will be a lot more fun!
Get a copy of this book, and read it.
Follow the steps as shown in the book.
Become Happy.
Finding Happiness is a process. Lose yourself in the process.
Buy a copy ofWhacking Happiness today. and get...

Last Rites (Paranormal Detectives Book 5)
Lily Luchesi

Power is the deadliest desire.
With Leander put to rest and the Paranormal Investigative Division taken care of by the Coven Mistress, Danny and Angelica are finally ready to take some time for themselves while Angelica gets used to her new role as the Empress and they make their relationship official.
When people close to Angelica are murdered by what seems to be a rogue vampire, their sabbatical is cut short in order for her to find the perp and execute him or her.
But this is no...

Love Undercover (Upstate NY . . . where love is a little
Jean C. Gordon

A few too many messy divorce cases and custody battles have convinced Tina Cannon to change her specialty from family law to financial planning and move her young daughter out of the city to a place that has the small town values Tina grew up with. So the offer from her Uncle Jack to join his planning practice in Genesee, her hometown, couldn't have come at a better time. Tina is in for a few surprises, though, not the least of which is her perplexingly uncooperative and devastatingly...

Bone White: Mundy's Landing Book Three
Wendy Corsi Staub

New York Author Wendy Corsi Staub revisits Mundy’s Landing—a small town with a bloodsoaked town of Mundy’s Landing was founded on a horrifying secret, but stark white bones of the dead never shall never tell.” Spurred by the cryptic phrase in a centuriesold letter, Emerson Mundy travels to her ancestral hometown to trace her past. In Mundy’s Landing, she connects with long lost relatives—and a closet full of skeletons going back centuries.
In the year since former NYPD...