Holiday Story Hop by Lizabeth Scott

Christmas Dreams, a free holiday short story.

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A Star for Annie (Hearts of Gold Book 2)
Lizabeth Scott

A Star for Annie, the second installment in Lizabeth Scott's Hearts of Gold Series is now available.
Climb on board The Carter Ryan World Storm Tour with an all access backstage pass. Go behind the scenes and become part of the crew who takes the world by storm!
No good deed goes unpunished, and one good deed lands Dr. Sylva Ann Gold without a job.
Music headliner Carter Ryan discovers he needs a nanny for his daughter, Cheyenne. After one look, he decides he doesn’t want just...

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The Space Authority: Fugitive on Nexus 18
Bryan W. Alaspa

Detectives Watt and Ware are part of the Space Authority, stuck in a space police cruiser day in and day out they dispense justice to a human race that has spread across the universe. On this particular day they are sent to the rundown space station Nexus 18 to pick up a fugitive named Moll. Ware is armed with his trusty sidearm while Watt uses his phone outfitted with a seemingly unlimited number of apps for every situation. It should be a simple...

A Collection of Jo Ann's Thoughts
Jo Ann Wentzel

A collection of articles on a variety of topics including parenting and foster parenting, relationship and family activities, party planning and miscellaneous articles. It contains 60 articles.......

Turn of the Tide (The Munro Scottish Saga Book 1)
Margaret Skea

‘The quality of the writing and the research is outstanding.’ Jeffrey Archer
Scotland 1586. A land in turmoil, a family torn apart. An ancient feud threatens Munro’s home, his family, even his life.
Munro owes allegiance to the Cunninghames and to the Earl of Glencairn. He escapes the bloody aftermath of a massacre, but cannot escape the disdain of the wife he sought to protect, nor inner conflict, as he wrestles with his conscience, with divided loyalties and, most dangerous of...

Murder of an Oil Heiress
Candy Ann Little

Murder of an Oil Heiress
The oil business can be dirty. And deadly!
The Texas sun isn’t the only thing that is scorching hot. Mallory Dillingham is beautiful, successful and primed to take over the family oil business when her father is ready to retire. However, that isn’t soon enough for the billionaire heiress. She wants it all. And, she wants it now. Mallory will stop at nothing to get what she wants, including seduction, lying and blackmail.
Joseph Barnes has stepped into...

Echoes In the Dark (Darkness Series Book 2)
A. S. McNair

Book Two in the Darkness Series:
She gave up her world for love, but what if all she has left is a broken heart?
As the prime suspect for the murder of her adopted parents, Anna’s troubles have only begun. The all too human foe threatening the West Coast Hunters has successfully infiltrated their ranks, but no one knows who the traitors are in their midst. Meanwhile, Anna’s exhusband has teamed up with her enemies, determined to take everything from her that he can, including the...