The Best Things In Life Are Free by Fiona Cooke Hogan

Happy New Year's greetings to each and everyone of you! This is a post about my wonderful book of short stories - The Lights Went Out and Other Stories. Tomorrow is my last Kindle Promotion with Kindle Select and... drum roll please. Thank you. This quirky little eBook could be yours to download for free from Tuesday until Thursday! A little after Christmas treat for you from yours truly. There's a story for everyone, whether you enjoy romance stories with a twist or something a little more sinister, this collection is for you. Download away and enjoy perhaps with a side order of coffee and maple pecan (whilst reading the story Maple Pecan? ) or a nice glass of red. The decision is yours. And when you're finished and dusting the crumbs from your mouth be a darling, would you and leave a review for the author? She sure would appreciate it.

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The Lights Went Out and Other Stories
Fiona Cooke Hogan

An eclectic mix of flash fiction, short and longer stories. At times humorous, eerie and poignant; a mother burdened by financial troubles shares her problem with a stranger, a young couples' journey to the the airport takes a strange turn, a wedding anniversary in Dingle goes from bad to worse, a small dog is forced to change his ways and a vampire hiding out in suburbia just wants to be left alone. Dip your toes into this quirky collection and find your favourite.......

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Stig has his own plans to find and rescue his missing friend Meg in Polandrea. Baits, meanwhile, is tasked as a member of the Guard of Old to search for signs of their absent leader, Lillet. Little do they know the danger that awaits them.
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Murder At The Jolly Jester (The Ronald Rowntree Mysteries Book

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A little put out by this unexpected turn of events, Ronald takes a look, but soon finds himself the chief suspect in a particularly gruesome murder. With the police seemingly...

September Moon: A Terrifying Short Story
Bryan W. Alaspa

They're building homes in the place where Gemini Labs used to be. Nice ones, but the land there, they say, is cursed. Cursed because of the experiments the scientists at Gemini used to do. Hushed experiments. Things done to animals, for example.
Now, as the men show up for work, something waits for them. Something that has been hunting beneath the harvest September moon. Something with teeth. Something that growls. Hungers. Perhaps even more...

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