American Samoa Vacation by Lynn Alaimalo

Home is where the memories are. Home is where you were born and raised of course. I was born and raised in the beautiful archipelago below the equator in the South Pacific-the United States territory of American Samoa.

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Lovefolds of Our Upbringing: A family's journey in life (Aiga
Lynn Alaimalo

"I laughed and cried, laughed and cried some more. I didn't want to put the book down til' I was done reading. It really touched me especially because I can totally relate. Like totally! ‎humblebeginning ‎goodread Thank you Lynn Nu'uli Pulou" LT AUVA'A, US. ARMY
"I'm actually reading and picturing you, shaking my head and be like..yup that sounds like Lynn!! Lol my favorite part is giving the bus driver a piece of electrical metal for bus fare my gosh this book is hilarious. Seki a...

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Poetic Reflections: The Queen Of Hats
Lori R. Lopez

A collection of very unusual verse, ranging from wacky to dark to narrative. Lori R. Lopez writes her own way, whether poetry or prose. This book contains both in an odd yet artful balance.
Volume Two of the POETIC REFLECTIONS book series, THE QUEEN OF HATS is packed with craziness as well as eerie and thoughtful pieces. Chapters are framed by thirteen eccentric or brooding columns, followed by a rich array of additional content for each theme. Lori's writing style is wildly original...

Ravenhill Court
David R. Beshears

Present day...
A man returns to a longabandoned neighborhood. Doors stand ajar, shutters hang open, lawns and landscaping are unkempt. The man sits on the curb and opens a leatherbound journal. Through the journal, he recalls the events that took place in Ravenhill decades earlier.
Journey back to 1964...
The man is just a boy. He and his friends find that their neighborhood, a culdesac set into the foothills along the California coast, is not all that it appears.

Legacy Discovered
Kerry Reis

"A woman learns her husband is not the man she married. Instead of an orphaned foster child like herself, he is the scion of a billionaire. In order to avoid a family legacy, he faked his own death.
When they first met sixteen years ago, Ali was convinced Ryan was a man who grew up like she did: as a foster care orphan. They married quickly and headed for the Midwest to complete college. Sixteen years later, Ryan has an independent law practice, Ali is an ER nurse, and the couple has...

A Christmas Embrace: Collection of three seasonal stories
Margarita Felices

A Model Christmas. Did Ashley make a terrible mistake leaving the man she loved to pursue her career? She’s home for Christmas and about to find out.
A Christmas Dance. Christmas is the time to be with your loved ones, but not for Jane this year. Christmas will never be the same when you’re left alone. But this year a promise will come true.
The Christmas Gift. Maya didn’t do Christmas, but this year she’s met Nick and it feels like he’s the perfect gift. But Nick holds a...

Search for the Red Ghost
Sherry Alexander

Thirteenyearold Jake Thrasher’s mother is dead, and the only clues left by the beast that killed her are a few strands of red hair and a set of platesized tracks.
When his Army Scout father refuses to hunt it down, Jake takes matters into his own hands. Leaving the safety of his small ranch, Jake follows a sparse trail through an inhospitable desert filled with snakes, wolves, grizzlies, renegade Apache, and the everpresent threat of death. Will he find his Red Ghost? Or, will he...