American Samoa Vacation by Lynn Alaimalo

Home is where the memories are. Home is where you were born and raised of course. I was born and raised in the beautiful archipelago below the equator in the South Pacific-the United States territory of American Samoa.

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Lovefolds of Our Upbringing: A family's journey in life (Aiga
Lynn Alaimalo

"I laughed and cried, laughed and cried some more. I didn't want to put the book down til' I was done reading. It really touched me especially because I can totally relate. Like totally! ‎humblebeginning ‎goodread Thank you Lynn Nu'uli Pulou" LT AUVA'A, US. ARMY
"I'm actually reading and picturing you, shaking my head and be like..yup that sounds like Lynn!! Lol my favorite part is giving the bus driver a piece of electrical metal for bus fare my gosh this book is hilarious. Seki a...

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Due to popular demand, Balou from "I stand corrected" shares his wisdom with the feline world. In ten short and concise lessons, he teaches cats how to survive living amongst humans and how to help them understand and respect the needs of their pets. A must read for all cats and the people that pay their mortgage.......

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The Lynher Mill Chronicles book II.
From the author of The Dust of Ancients.
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