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Family Secrets (Secrets and Second Chances Book 1)
Donna M. Zadunajsky

Alexis has had big dreams all her life, and she’s worked hard to make them happen! After college she married and had a beautiful baby boy, living her dream as “Mommy” until Colton was safely entrenched in grade school. She lands her dream job at NASA, and her supportive husband, Jay, takes the lead on raising their son. The perfect family, right?
Twelve years later with no warning and no reason, Jay commits suicide. Colton goes into denial and blames his mother; Alexis buries...

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Dear Crossing (The Ray Schiller Series Book 1)
Marjorie Doering

A peaceful, lakeside summer home... A gruesome murder... Valerie Davis, wife of prominent Minneapolis businessman, Paul Davis, is dead. Very dead.
Personal demons in tow, Ray Schiller of the Widmer P.D. follows the evidence to the Twin Cities, joining forces with Minneapolis homicide detective Dick Waverly. They discover many are suspect, few are innocent. The widower has good reason to keep his personal life private, and he isn't the only onenot by a long shot.
"Sweet nothings" become...

Beneath the Old Oak (A Hope Within Novel Book 2)
Lisa Shambrook

“Turn those dreams of escape into hope…”
Meg thinks her mother is broken. Is she broken too?
Meg’s life spirals out of control, and when she mirrors her mother’s erratic behaviour she’s terrified she’ll inherit her sins.
Seeking refuge and escape she finds solace beneath a huge, old oak. Life seems as transient as leaves upon the tree and as the seasons change the timeworn oak shares its treasured...

Jay's New Game (Jay's World Book 1)

Jay lives with his mum who believes that his son is the most charming, honest, clever, handsome and funny boy in the world. As for Jay, he would say that he is really just an ordinary boy. Enjoy the read!......

Soul Connections (The Dacque Chronicles Book 4)
Doug Simpson

Soul Connections describes the educational journey, guided by the spirit of a sudden murder victim, of a group of individuals through the process of investigating their interconnected past lifetimes. As well as the surprising discoveries uncovered through their pastlife research, the spirit and soul of the murder victim educates its past relatives, from its previous lifetimes, in the knowledge retained by our souls after death, and in the ‘life’ of souls temporarily residing on the...

High on the Mountain
Elle Marlow

The animals aren't the only thing wild in Alaska...
Missy Monroe and Pepper Lawson have a problem. She traded his engagement ring for a badge. She might patrol the town, but Pepper’s wealth and charm rules it. So when wildlife begins to disrupt the quirky residents of Timber Valley, Missy thinks there’s more to it than hungry bears in search of baked goods. Their trail of bakery crumbs lead her straight to Pepper’s Christmas Tree Farm and right into his arms. She always wanted to...