Business Interludes by Oraynab Jwayyed

Oraynab Jwayyed is the founder of Business Interludes, LLC. She developed an 8-step guide for women who want to start managing their money their way. On her blog, she offers tips on how to save, manage debt, and become a champion of their own finances. Think you can't save to buy a home on your own? Visit her blog to learn how. There's also a free report to get started.

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Starting Over: A Practical Guide For Women After A Money Crisis
Oraynab Jwayyed

This is a book for all women who want to learn to manage their money, take control of their finances and to become financially independent. There is a need out there for women to start stepping up and become more involved in their personal finances, whether they are divorced or married, single or committed. Most find moral support, but not financial; It’s not because the resources and services are not out there, but because there is a gap between those services and resources and the women...

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In humanity’s last stand against extinction, one of their own will sacrifice themselves for the greater good. This nonstop cerebruminduced novel Heliotrope: Pente Addendum: The Fifth Novel in the Pseudoverse, is split into two distinct parts. First, the backstory of Heliotrope titled 'Love and Pain'. Second, 'The Trial', in which artificial intelligence itself is put on trial for the deaths of over fourbillion 'individuals'. This novel is told from the POV of several main characters who...

Beyond Death
Deb McEwan

What really happens when we die? Claire Sylvester is about to find out.
Finding herself suspended between Heaven and Hell she has to come to terms with the secret lives of her family and decide how to save those that deserve saving. While others make decisions about where she'll spend eternity Claire faces betrayal, violence and evil.
‘Beyond Death’, a fast-paced paranormal thriller of life, death, deceit and danger.

Down into the Darkness
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“Down into the Darkness” is David Carter’s tenth book and something of a departure from his usual English murder mysteries: “The Murder Diaries – Seven Times Over” and “The Sound of Sirens” plus "The Life and Loves of Gringo Greene". It’s also a lot shorter than many of his books, running to around 140 pages.
Here’s the back cover blurb: Tony Jenks lives alone in a small first floor flat in an Edwardian House. There are three other flats in the building. Downstairs,...

The Ghosts of the Past (The Peers of Beinan Book 2)
Laurel A. Rockefeller

The yenar is BE 6770. Mysterious paranormal forces are at work as the ghosts of the past pursue their bloodthirsty quest for revenge against the descendants of Princess Anlei and her allies. Caught up in their web is Lord Knight Elendir of house TenAr, the son of two healers murdered in terrorist strikes against Beinarian healing centres. But Elendir’s youth and pain is his weakness, making him prey to the sexual manipulations of his enemies. Now it is a race against time to save the...

Alien Eyes: Alien Affairs II
Scott Skipper

The aliens left the entire human race infertile. Carrie Player is searching for a cure in the vast cache of data stored on the reading device that the alien, Deshler, gave her as a parting gift. While the species is dwindling ISIS is trying to hasten the end by unleashing a deadly epidemic on America. To battle the new threat the CIA puts a different woman on the case, a very different woman.......