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You're Getting Married Soon... Now What?
Eeva Lancaster

Don't Leave Love to Chance.
A relationship is not just about Love. It also involves living life with a person with different opinions and points of view. Many couples end up separating due to unrealized expectations. Their ideals were not aligned with reality. Don’t let this happen to you.

Have You Read?
Nick and Abe
Lex H Jones

Every once in a while, God and Lucifer visit the earth and make a wager. Now it’s time for the next one; the most daring yet, and quite possibly the last. “This venture to live as men for a full year had been such a hilarious idea to start with. Prove Abe wrong… again… then head back to their respective domains and gloat about it forever. Only it hadn’t worked out that way. Things were different now. Having omniscient sight removed from him actually made Nick see things more...

The Soul of Adam Short
David J. O'Brien

The cares of life are beginning to cloud fifteenyearold Adam Short's carefree existence. Important exams are looming, his girlfriend Julie thinks he's unfocused, and right now he's about to be late for the school trip. Neither his teacher, nor Julie, will be pleased if he misses the bus.
Adam has much bigger problems when, in an extraordinary accident, his soul is torn from his body. His body loses all consciousness−reduced to a mere automaton existence: eating when food is put in its...

Lies Love Tells (Eastcove Lies Book 1)
Gina Dickerson

What would you do if your blog attracted the attention of a serial killer?
Saze Monnivan begins a blog diary to vent emotions over her abusive partner Mr Him. Unleashing her inner thoughts provides Saze with the courage to kick Mr Him into touch.
Unfortunately Mr Him is not the only person Saze needs to fear. A murderer stalks the streets of Eastcove, preying on young women and earning the moniker of Cutthroat Casanova.
As Saze’s life peaks and falls spectacularly and her blog...

Snicklefritz (Granny's In Trouble Book 2)
Julie Seedorf

“Stop!” Abby yelled. “I have news.”
Maggie stopped by Abby, but Jake and Brady were having too much fun playing Annie Annie Over with the pen they had whisked off the table where Maggie had dropped it when she was going to chase Jake and Brady. It flew over the girls’ heads with ease. The look of concern on Abby’s face was enough to get Maggie’s attention, leaving her to ignore the pen that was flying over their heads.
Once Brady and Jake saw that their sisters were not...

The Incomer: A Caribbean Odyssey
Mike Rothery

Charlie’s quiet island life takes an adventurous turn when Captain Josiah Patch, an irascible old sea gypsy, takes him under his wing. But the old man has a tragic secret that has haunted him for thirty years. He shows Charlie the Splitwind, an astonishing weather phenomenon that occurs on rare occasions in a remote region of the Caribbean. When Captain Joe dies unexpectedly, Charlie is shocked to discover he is his sole beneficiary, and inherits the boat. Curiosity for the old man’s...