The Book Khaleesi by Eeva Lancaster

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You're Getting Married Soon... Now What?
Eeva Lancaster

Don't Leave Love to Chance.
A relationship is not just about Love. It also involves living life with a person with different opinions and points of view. Many couples end up separating due to unrealized expectations. Their ideals were not aligned with reality. Don’t let this happen to you.

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I'll Settle for Love (The Trampled Rose Series Book 3)
Michelle Lynn Brown

Leanne grew up under the steady trickle of the harsh and belittling words of her critical mother, in the shadow of her sisters’ perfection, and under the weight of a dark secret. With her selfconfidence all but eroded, and her head hanging down, she is surprised when Mike McKinley notices her. With every kind word, Mike erases a little pain from her past, and for the first time, she feels as if she is standing on firm ground. But seven years into their marriage, she realizes that her...

Dark Tales II
Paul Jameson

From the fun of circus ride and a love of gold to a meal for two and a 'VottaVokky', 'Dark Tales II' is a collection of 13 contemporary short stories and flash fiction by UKbased author Paul Jameson.

Whether humorous, strange or uplifting, there is an undercurrent of darkness that always makes you think.........

Pictures Of Lily
John Siney

Nicola´s is a happy life, a cosy world, her parents see that she wants for nothing. She has all the benefits a middle class background affords a good education, a comfortable home, a promising future and her days flow seamlessly, one into the other, with never a problem to trouble their calm progression... until she meets Johnson.......

This Parody of Death: An Ashmole Foxe Georgian Mystery (The
William Savage

Ashmole Foxe, bookseller and man about town, moves through Georgian Norwich with the ease of a native and the cunning of a born hunter. So when a bellringer is found with his throat cut, who better to find the killer? Yet Foxe soon scents more than murder. Complications come thick and fast. A family torn apart. A group committed to a secret heresy. A son who betrayed his father. And a woman determined to protect her life’s greatest passion — even if that costs one life or more. Fighting...

John C. Dalglish

An officer is missing and Jason and Vanessa must discover what happened to their colleague before it's too late.
This case is filled with secrets, some between partners, some inside the department, and
Jason finds himself in the middle.
He's trying to sort it all out, and not screw up because people he cares about are counting on him, and he can't let them down.
Even if he has to take out One of their Own.
Edited by Samantha Gordon, Invisible Ink Editing