Stolen Moments by Anna Belfrage

A blog in which I dip into various historical periods and the people who lived then.

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In the Shadow of the Storm: The King's Greatest Enemy #1
Anna Belfrage

Adam de Guirande owes his lord, Roger Mortimer, much more than loyalty. He owes Lord Roger for his life and all his worldly goods, he owes him for his beautiful wife – even if Kit is not quite the woman Lord Roger thinks she is. So when Lord Roger rises in rebellion against the king, Adam has no choice but to ride with him – no matter what the ultimate cost may be.
England in 1321 is a confusing place. Edward II has been forced by his barons to exile his favourite, Hugh Despenser. The...

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SPIRITI DEMONICIA (The Lily Trotter Chronicles)
Mark Peter Evans

Spiriti Demonicia is a fast moving and dynamic debut fantasy novel with an amazing gallery of characters. When Father Todd sets out to find a potion to cure his headache he has little idea that his journey will turn into an adventure that joins Heaven and Hell together. Werewolves, vampires, demons, pirates and tree goblins are only the small part of Mark Evans's highly epic inventive work.......

Without a Net (The Santa Monica Trilogy Book 1)
Jill Blake

Eva has always played it safe...and where has it gotten her? Betrayed by her husband, left alone to raise her young son, and fighting to hang on to what's left, the last thing she needs is another philandering male.
Max has always pursued adventure...until he gets sidelined by an accident. While recovering from his injuries, he discovers that the biggest adventure of his life may be closer than he ever imaginedin the form of Eva, his baby sister's best friend.
The problem? ...

The Mirror of Minutes (5-Ever Series)
Tammy Berg

Noveletta Imprint
FiveEver Series
On being dubbed The Goddess of 5Ever, Josie was surprised to discover what she was capable of…
As the swearing in then allowed the Ancients to became a part of her. Josephine quickly learns when the farmer has to take a back seat to the Goddess of 5Ever – and that being in power sometimes demands one to use undesirable methods. Methods that mean the loss of a few, to...

Sleepwalker (Nightwatcher)
Wendy Corsi Staub

“If you like Mary Higgins Clark, you’ll love Wendy Corsi Staub!”
—1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jackson
Following on the heels of her gripping and sensational thriller, Nightwatcher, New York Times bestselling author Wendy Corsi Staub takes suspense to a whole new level with Sleepwalker. The second book in the remarkable series that began in the chaos and horror of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City, Staub’s Sleepwalker picks up the story ten years...

Flora and the Wolf
Janet Doolaege

It all began when Flora found that she could talk to animals. She longs to see a wolf. She loves to run wild in the forest, but her parents and grandmother are afraid she will run into danger. Something unusual does indeed happen to her. And who is the stranger in town that everyone is talking about?......