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News and views from the characters who inhabit the Bernie Fazakerley novels.

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Two Little Dickie Birds: A Bernie Fazakerley mystery
Judy Ford

A body in the river is all in a day’s work for Detective Inspector Peter Johns and his Sergeant, Paul Godwin. But things start to become more personal when Paul recognises their key witness as a close childhood friend and Peter’s son is detained for suspected child abduction. Peter and Paul discover that they have more in common than they realised and it becomes difficult to keep work and family life separated.
Meanwhile – what of the body in the river? It looks like suicide. But...

Have You Read?
My One
Dara Joy

This was written to be a lengthy novella. (Much longer than a story but not as long as a novel.)
A Dara Joy classic and alltime reader favorite, MY ONE is the beautiful story of Trystan, a space traveller who has never known physical love, and his new girlfriend from Earth, Lois. You will love this heartfelt tale of endless love, bound by neither time nor space, with its knockout ending.
"Dara Joy shines again with "My One," the charming, funfilled story...

Fiddler's Fling
Linda Wood Rondeau

When Jolene Murdock receives a call from an old boyfriend, her carefully crafted world crumbles. Told of her estranged father’s terminal illness, she returns to a town she’d left three years ago, the scene of her secret sin. She thought her pending marriage to rising political star Robert Ashworth the penance God required of her … to forget her talents, her music, and her love for Brookside.
Dwight Etting is now the junior partner in Murdock & Etting. But Big Mike Murdock has run...

Jamie Pond In Rise Of The Heron: The World's Greatest Amphibian
D. P. Hall

Who is Jamie Pond? You may well ask. Well, Jamie Pond just happens to be the world's greatest amphibian super spy, and section leader of a top-secret government organisation called the CFIA (Carp & Frog Intelligence Agency). Jamie’s incredible adventures begin deep in the heart of a top-secret research base in Salisbury. Jamie and his trusty pals Lola a little tree frog from the CFIA and Flapper...

Eye of the Storm: The Silent Grief of Miscarriage
Rachel McGrath

"There is no heartbeat . . . " Those four words will stay with me forever.
Sadly about thirty percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage, and many of those women who have suffered this loss often grieve in silence.
This short novella details the experience of one woman’s loss during the early stages of a pregnancy. McGrath tells her story with full transparency, sharing all of her raw emotions and baring her soul through an incredibly difficult time.
This short account provides a...

A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Woman
John Siney

Ginny is born in the wrong place, in the wrong time. Sleepers Hill is not a town where a young artist can flourish, it is too provincial a place for someone who is different. And Ginny is different, in her dress, in her attitude, in her ambitions. Follow her progress through this trilogy of her formative years, moving from a portrait of the artist as a young woman to that of the artist who does DayGlo posters for chippies and Chinese takeaways.......