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News and views from the characters who inhabit the Bernie Fazakerley novels.

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Two Little Dickie Birds: A Bernie Fazakerley mystery
Judy Ford

A body in the river is all in a day’s work for Detective Inspector Peter Johns and his Sergeant, Paul Godwin. But things start to become more personal when Paul recognises their key witness as a close childhood friend and Peter’s son is detained for suspected child abduction. Peter and Paul discover that they have more in common than they realised and it becomes difficult to keep work and family life separated.
Meanwhile – what of the body in the river? It looks like suicide. But...

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White Ghost and the Poison Arrow
Kellie Steele

Arella is an outcast in her tribe, white skinned and silver haired, bright purple eyes and a strong will, while the others are dark skinned and passive. She longs to be free of the chains of society, but does not realize the dangers of this.

The Traveler Series: #1 Homecoming, Edition 2. illustrated.
cliff manning

Second edition of my book, with Illustrations......

Unknown Visitors
JD Lovil

Have you seen a flying saucer?Have you ever wondered what they come here for?I used to think that only odd people saw UFOs, but I have changed my mind.

˃˃˃ People from all walks of life have reported them! They cannot all be wrong.Why do all of the aliens reported appear humanoid? What do they want? Will they save us?
˃˃˃ This is an attempt to answer those questions, or at least to ask the questions more usefully.Learn the answers to these burning questions toda...

The Girl from the North (Pathway of the Chosen Book 1)
Cat Bruno

When a dark stranger, beautiful and haunting, approaches the flamehaired girl on a solitary stretch of beach, she senses that her life at the Healer’s Academy is about to change. As his hands reach for her forehead, gliding across it with intimacy and purpose, suddenly, she remembers who he is, and who he has been. Yet, still, Bronwen wonders why she was chosen, and fears what the mysterious man's presence in her life will mean. Before he turns to leave, she asks why he has come and why it...

Questioning Your Way to Faith: Learning to Disagree Without
Peter Kazmaier

Questioning Your Way to Faith explores some of the most difficult and polarizing questions facing our world today. The setting is the fictional campus of the University of Halcyon before the cataclysmic event described in the novel, The Halcyon Dislocation. Readers trace the arguments as two friends each possessing a radically different worldview and philosophy talk with candour, lucidity, and humour about their disagreements on life's biggest questions. As they discuss such issues as the...