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The Test of True Love (True Love Series Book 1)
Jennifer Conway

Jasmine, the youngest princess of Wynster, has secretly fallen for Trevor – a peasant clergyman. After accepting his faith as her own, she is faced with a dilemma. The clergyman will not court her further without the blessing of her family, yet the Queen will only consider one of noble blood or great wealth for the role. Despite his chivalry, Trevor’s request for her hand in marriage will be doomed before it is uttered.
Jasmine’s plea for her suitor dissolves into an outburst...

Have You Read?
Tick Tock

What does that place between the tick and the tock look like?
Ten writers take us on a journey in time using prose and poetry.
•Joe and Holly have all the time in the world, literally!
•Two men. One ticking bomb.
•When Time takes a holiday she hands the reins to someone for whom timing is everything.
Tick Tock is about time, a construct in many guises. But one thing is certain, there's never enough of it.......

The Seasons of Our Love
Angela Gascoigne

Rosie, lost and broken, boards the first bus to anywhere. Her luggage comprises nothing more than her hair straighteners and a marmalade cat with attitude.
For Danny, reluctant manager of his late uncle’s sea front bar, living in Shrove is a far cry from his previous life in Spain and the ghosts he thought he’d left behind. When one day, a ravenhaired stranger bursts through the door, he suddenly realises there is a reason to stay – despite the hives and the problem down ...

Chris Lowry


Wearing a mask (Black Guys and Gals Book 3)
Marianna Nemeth

Thomas is a successful lawyer. He would do anything for his wife and kid. The only problem starts when he discovers something and he loses his family.
Cecily is a teacher and loves what she is doing.
They meet, what's gonna happen?......

The Touch: A Supernatural Story - Part I
Robert Flynn III

Gabriel is a special boy, living in an orphanage his entire life with no memory of his parents. He is considered autistic by many. He is not. He appears autistic because he is hearing a voice. The voice is real, but it is a supernatural presence. What the voice gives him is a power that he can transfer by touch. Gabriel is the starting point for a change that is happening to many young people just like himself, all over the world. The change is wondrous and difficult at the same time....