World of the Silver Hunter by Kethric Wilcox

Learn more about the world in which the Legend of the Silver Hunter takes place, keep up with new works by Kethric Wilcox, and get sneak peeks at rough chapters.

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Tracker (Legend of the Silver Hunter Book 1)
Kethric Wilcox

Once upon a time there was Beauty and there was the Beast. The spinners of tales would have you believe these two fell in love and lived happily ever after.
The spinners lied!
The Beast was a shifter and Beauty became a huntress and founded a long line of huntresses aided by the power of silver magic.
Kieran Belle is a descendant of the House of Beauty and a tracker who longs to live a life free of killing shifters. Aided by his father he escapes to college in Little Rock,...

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All in the Mind
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All in the Mind is a fascinating tale exploring the human capacity to overcome any obstacle, no matter how great, as long as you believe you can.
Tilly is part of an experiment...

Genation: Grizz: Rise of the Blackguard
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Teddy Bears and the Christmas Pirates: A Children's Paranormal
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Q: Why did you write...