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Twist of Events
Jackie Tomlin

Twins, Jasmine and Jaden Tnsley, had remained friends with their former college group The Ghost Enthusiasts for many years. Everyone was thrilled to that their member Kyle Wheeler, would soon marry one of their best friends, Nina Cooper.
How wonderful it would be to have the entire group travel to a plantation house for a weekend getaway and a wedding! None of them had ever visited this location before and most were anxiously hoping that it would be haunted.
A weekend surrounded...

Have You Read?
Childrens Book- Body Language, Intuition & Leadership!
Dr. Orly Katz

Surviving Primary School! The secrets of body language, listening and intuition…
It happened on one of the first hot days at the very beginning of the summer.
A few of us decided to ditch school – simply to walk out of the building and spend the rest of the morning by the sea!
Right from the start my body started sending me signals that this wasn’t OK…my stomach hurt me, and I ignored it, I got a thumping headache which I also ignored.
Sarah forged our teacher’s...

Fairies & Fantasy (The Lands of Elohan Book 1)
Felicia Mires

How many worlds are there?
As a child, Emira Fairling is fascinated by her parents’ stories of elves, fairies, and all things magical.
Though she is forbidden from entering the forest alone, she longs to find a fairy ring. When she makes her way through the woods, she discovers a strange boy from another realm. According to Prince Riordan, all is not right in the land of Rin. He gives her his most prized possession, the king’s ring, and asks her to keep it for him.
How is Emira...

Year of the Ram
Glenn Starkey

Set against the backdrop of a savage war, "Year of the Ram" is an epic novel of a man torn between allegiance to his father, the struggle to save their nation against the onslaught of a massive greedridden army, and the discovery of a son he never knew had been born.
The battlefield can be many things to a warrior: life to his soul, a dangerous addiction; an erotic mistress, or a facade to hide behind. As Sovereign General of the Mongol Army, son of the Emperor, and heir to the throne,...

Full Disclosure
Eric J. Gates

For over sixty years they kept a secret.
The biggest secret in the history of Mankind.
Now a dying town finds itself on the front lines of a
covert war, when the President makes a Full Disclosure.
A nailbiting thriller that asks the question: Should the public be told?
Some reader reviews for Full Disclosure:
“A fast, frenetic thriller… all the makings of a great pageturner.”
“Very edge of seat stuff… Thought the action and pace were excellent, reminded me of...

Integration: a gripping conspiracy thriller (Mark Baines Book 1)
Stephen Edger

Blackmail, murder, suspense, conspiracy and money laundering: INTEGRATION is a British crime thriller set in the murky depths of the finance industry.