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Twist of Events
Jackie Tomlin

Twins, Jasmine and Jaden Tnsley, had remained friends with their former college group The Ghost Enthusiasts for many years. Everyone was thrilled to that their member Kyle Wheeler, would soon marry one of their best friends, Nina Cooper.
How wonderful it would be to have the entire group travel to a plantation house for a weekend getaway and a wedding! None of them had ever visited this location before and most were anxiously hoping that it would be haunted.
A weekend surrounded...

Have You Read?
August Bowditch and the Zombie Apocalypse Book One
Graham Toseland

Imagine how difficult it must be for a paraplegic, brain damaged, mildly epileptic, twenty four year old man whose crazy parents lumbered him with the name August, to battle his way through life.
Now imagine that he is trying to survive a Zombie Apocalypse.
However, he is no ordinary paraplegic, brain damaged, mildly epileptic, twenty four year old because when he has a seizure, his whole world changes.
He doesn’t know if he is transported across time and space to an alternative...

Teddy Bears in Monsterland: An Urban Fantasy Novel (Teddy
Justin Sloan

ARI the teddy bear must travel into the land of monsters to rescue his boy who was taken in the night. In the process, Ari discovers a much larger plot that threatens all children everywhere.
Welcome to a world where teddy bears come to life at night to protect the children, and shadow monsters are controlled by goblins and orcs, The first book in the Teddy Defender series will entice young readers that enjoy fantasy and adventure in the style of Pixar or Disney, as well as older readers...

Frank Parker

Roger felt too old for this talk of conspiracies and subterfuge. It had all seemed so simple forty years ago: help a friend and a young woman hide the consequences of a single foolish action that both regretted. How had it turned into a witch hunt?
Forty years ago four people conspired to conceal a teenage pregnancy. Now one of them is dead and a book about her threatens to expose a Member of Parliament's guilty secret. For how long will Roger be able to prevent Sally getting at the truth...

Path Of Angels (Underground Series Book 1)
Dawn Witzke

The path less traveled is dangerous.
Unwittingly, Aadi and her best friend, Mischa, land in the cross hairs of the Black Guard's elite force, the Red Guard, who are tasked with rooting out traitors. while transporting religious contraband. Their faith and friendship are tested as they hide from the Red Guard. while facing thieves, highwaymen, and their own inner demons as their feelings for one another are revealed.
Will their friendship survive the quest?
Will they survive it?

Guarding Gemini (UGS Constellations Book 3)
HA Fortman

How much can one woman take? Her mother is gone, her father has moved out, and now her car has chugged its last mile. Carol Denise Mithuna, but everyone calls her Denise, was at the end of her rope. What might have been the final straw, was actually a blessing in disguise! Working as a Meter Maid wasn’t her dream job, but when she crashes – quite literally – into two men, her life is turned upside down and rockets into outer space!
Raven and his identical twin brother, Hawk, are...