Orticultural Obbit 'Obbitry of the Horticultural Kind by Punam Farmah

A blog that documents the adventures of an allotmenteer from England. Is the basis of of 'Playing with Plant Pots: tales from the alltoment' and home of Petal's Potted Preserve.

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Playing with plant pots: Tales from the allotment
Punam Farmah

Chillies and tomatoes, you can grow your own and look at the food you eat in an entirely different way.. Be it on your kitchen window sill or in your garden. Growing your own fruit and vegetables need not be scary or complicated. This book contains learning experiences of a novice allotmenteer, Ideas as to what worked, what didn't and what to do with too many courgettes. From first having an allotment, and not knowing what to do, to growing chillies that are some of the hottest in the world....

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Dark Secrets
Mikki Smith

Misty’s family, hid a dark secret from her. Until the coven came to claim what they believe belongs to them. Their chosen ones, to lead the coven to become the most powerful. It is written the twins who they separated at birth are to reign together as one to keep the bloodline pure. When Misty refuses to stand with them, hell will break loose.......

The First
A. Claire Everward

Find Her.
Is the ancient directive that has once again reawakened in the hearts of those who hide.
Kill Her!
Is the frantic command of those who fear their rise.
Aelia returns from a vacation that did not go quite as she expected, to a life she does not feel at home in but that is, at least, hers. Or so she thinks. Within days of returning she is targeted by a hit man and she has no idea why.
But then neither does he. All Kyle Rhys knows is that to protect humanity, this woman...

Feral Nightshade (The Nightshade Series Book 2)
Evelyn Lederman

Devastated by her mother’s death, Emma Thorton inked her body with protection and eternity tattoos. Years later after being pulled through a portal into the Nightshade universe, these markings brought her to the attention of a powerful and deadly vampire. Her only hope is to turn to another vampire who she is unexplainably drawn to.
Frazour lived by the sword when he was mortal and it was the reason he was converted to a vampire. He lived to kill his adversary and shied away from...

Hello, It's Me
Wendy Markham

Love is calling...
Wait for the beep!
A widowed mother of two, Annie Harlowe has a secret: She likes to call her late husband's cell phone just to hear his voice, even if it is only a recording. Then one night she dialsand something extraordinary happens...
Thomas Brannock IV has had his life mapped out since he was a kid, but a freespirited woman with flowing hair and sunkissed cheeks is about to change all that. Still reeling from her hearttoheart with the other sideand...

All's Well Here (Life's Outtakes Year 2) 52 Humorous and
Daris Howard

Humorous, Inspirational Short Stories!
52 humorous and inspirational short stories, one for each week of the year. These stories are taken from the popular column, Life's Outtakes. From All's Well, a story of a community pulling together to help a family in need, to the humor of a practical joke gone awry in The April Fool's Joke these stories will keep you laughing or help you think more deeply about what matters most. The story list is:
The Ten Speed Bike Teaching Children How...