Orticultural Obbit 'Obbitry of the Horticultural Kind by Punam Farmah

A blog that documents the adventures of an allotmenteer from England. Is the basis of of 'Playing with Plant Pots: tales from the alltoment' and home of Petal's Potted Preserve.

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Playing with plant pots: Tales from the allotment
Punam Farmah

Chillies and tomatoes, you can grow your own and look at the food you eat in an entirely different way.. Be it on your kitchen window sill or in your garden. Growing your own fruit and vegetables need not be scary or complicated. This book contains learning experiences of a novice allotmenteer, Ideas as to what worked, what didn't and what to do with too many courgettes. From first having an allotment, and not knowing what to do, to growing chillies that are some of the hottest in the world....

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