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The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman
Robin Gregory

2015 Gelett Burgess Children's Book Award
Set at the turn of the nineteenth century, THE IMPROBABLE WONDERS OF MOOJIE LITTLEMAN is a heartrending, comingofage story, with a dose of humor and mystical realism. After his adoptive mother dies in a freak accident, eight yearold, disabled, biracial Moojie is sent by his disapproving father to live at St. Isidore's Fainting Goat Dairy, where he befriends a clan of outcasts from an alternate universe. Six years later, this forbidden friendship...

Have You Read?
The Mark of Janus
Patrick David Daley

"Sean Kilgore, born with the same distinctive birthmark as his father, grandfather, and greatgrandfather, has no idea that he belongs to the world, not just his parents. Months later after a car accident robs him of his parents and his history, little Sean is adopted by his father’s colleague. Sean Kilgore is now Sean Brennan. As Sean grows older and learns he is adopted, he cannot escape the belief that his triangular birthmark has significance. Yet his attempts at discovering what it...

The World Inside Stephanie's Head
Sharon Lopez

Stephanie discovers life and love through a chance meeting with
the alluring actor/ singer Nick. Friendships are tested, and betrayals
happen as Stephanie comes face to face with her past. Is Stephanie
and Nick’s love enough to keep them together, or will the looming
presence of Stephanie’s former life end them before they can begin?

Murder Aboard the Queen Elizabeth II
Stephen Murray

Wealthy Beverly Hills socialites, Brian and Sylvia Sinclair, are celebrating their 25th Anniversary on a cruise from London to New York on the luxurious QEII. Joining the couples joyous excursion is their rebellious daughter and her controlling husband, their scheming son and his wily girlfriend, six of their longtime friends, and a surprise person from their past. Also on board is private eye Richard Manning, who volunteers to investigate when a member of the party dies an unnatural death....

The Meagan Phenomenon
Maurice Hardy

When Weather Bureau scientists confirmed a massive ‘super storm’ was forming off Tasmania’s west coast, Bureau of Meteorology Field Operations Manager, Meagan McKenzie was sent to the far north western district to coordinate the event.
As her parent’s farm was ideally situated in the area, Meagan decided to set up her base there. Conveniently, this coincided with a welcome home party organised for Brendon, on leave from the army. Arriving two days earlier than predicted, the...

Cleansed by Fire (Father Frank Mysteries Book 1)
James R. Callan

Churches are burning and a man is murdered, plunging a small Texas town into a state of fear. Father Frank DeLuca, pastor of Prince of Peace Church, is thrust into an impossible dilemma when he hears that another church will be burned. But the disturbing information comes to him via the confessional, and church law forbids him from telling anyone—even the police.
He doesn’t know which church, when, or by whom. Still, he can’t sit idly by, and no law prevents him from looking into...