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Charles W. Jones

Reynard Ashwin could not ask for a better life with his loving wife, a baby son, and his own tailors shop. When the seductions of a demon came to him, only asking for a simple commitment in return, he did not know what to think. It promised a new life, vision, strength and, most importantly, not succumbing to an untimely death that so many around him had met, how could he ultimately refuse? Making the commitment, he received a hunger burning within him. Now the only thing Reynard dreams of...

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The Walls of Freedom (The Changing Earth Series Book 3)
Sara F. Hathaway

"I just hope I...Have the spirit to go on fighting. Have the power to take on forces that are so much bigger than me."
On the run, Erika, her husband, Vince, and their children flee the government forces in search of a new life. The Great Quake ten years ago left the United States devastated. FEMA camps sprouted up in Regional Districts to control the chaos and separate the landowners from the refugees. Erika and her family spent nine years as refugees in the camp before they found out...

Miracles Not Included
C.A. King

Award winning author C.A. King presents Miracles Not Included: a heartfelt romantic story about: life; love; loss; and learning to love again.
If only life came with instructions and a warning label ~ Miracles Not Included.
Chris was born to be a writer. Even the smallest of details couldn't pass without notice, often becoming part of a plot for her next novel. The one thing she never saw coming was her husband's sudden illness.
Jason loved his wife from the moment they met....

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Vol. 5

“When the train comes, it all starts again.”
Sometimes bloody, habitually dark, always original.
On the Eve of All Hollows, anything is possible.
Live your life to the fullest
A devil’s playground
Something stalks the City of Angels.
Magic can take many forms.
Sometimes, the dead tell tales.
Demon meets scifi convention
After midnight, everything changes
Tales scary enough to have you watching your every move. Ten incredibly talented authors contributed to...

The Third Throne: Angel of Death
Tabitha Barret

Anjali has embraced her destiny to end the world, but now she must find her ten Harbingers, known as the Predznak. She is determined to find Alazar, the Angel of Death, the former leader of the Predznak, before the other angels. She fears that he has lost hope and is close to becoming a Rogue Angel.
Alazar has spent too many centuries waiting for his Master Anjali to come and claim him. Deception and lies have kept them apart, but now it’s too late. He has vowed to the other...

Gems of Gratitude (Gems of Sisterhood Book 2)
Markie Madden

From the Gems of Strength authors comes the second book in the Gems of Sisterhood series! The theme of this book is, of course, gratitude! Meet Detective Cara Solino, a young woman following in her father’s footsteps. Can she solve the case he was unable to?