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Charles W. Jones

Reynard Ashwin could not ask for a better life with his loving wife, a baby son, and his own tailors shop. When the seductions of a demon came to him, only asking for a simple commitment in return, he did not know what to think. It promised a new life, vision, strength and, most importantly, not succumbing to an untimely death that so many around him had met, how could he ultimately refuse? Making the commitment, he received a hunger burning within him. Now the only thing Reynard dreams of...

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Now Is the Time to Live God’s Dream for Your Life!
Big Dreams, Scary Giants, and IttyBitty Grasshoppers: Letting God Make His Dreams for You Come True is a message about love, grace, forgiveness, and the calling of God. It’s about living BIG dreams. It is also about overcoming the scary giants you will face while pursuing your dream and defeating the “I’m just a grasshopper” feelings that will attempt to hold you back.
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Dreams Adrift (River Dream Book 3)
DW Davis

Michael and Maeve are about to renew their vows in the big, beachside wedding Maeve always dreamed of when Rhiannon's unexpected arrival threatens to derail their plans. Will Rhiannon be able to win Mike back, or will his new love for Maeve be stronger than his old feelings for his high school sweetheart?
The fates once conspired to change Michael's dreams. Are they now conspiring to set his Dreams Adrift?......

Today's MAN: The
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A woman shall feed them, but a man will lead them…
With the high number of divorces in today’s society, our boys aren’t being raised to manhood by loving fathers. In too many cases, male role models are missing in their lives and it shows. Thank goodness for this phenomenal new book TODAY’S MAN: “the little white book”! It is quite simply the “little white book” to being a man!
By breaking this much needed information into beautiful and profound quotes, Author...

Campanelli: The Ping Tom Affair
Frederick H. Crook

It is 2109 in Chicago and a double murder is discovered in Ping Tom Memorial Park. Investigating the crime is Frank Campanelli, a blind homicide detective who relies on bioelectronics to see and do his job. Together with his partner, Marcus Williams, a former Navy SEAL, the pair discovers that one of the two victims is the son of the local boss of the Tong, the most powerful Chinese gang in the city.
Tensions among the Tong, the other Chinese gangs, and factions of the mob rise as no one...

Kader Rawat

“We were in the same situation as you are now,” told Mrs. Vidat “when fifteen years ago we arrived in the city without knowing anyone. We hadn’t brought with us much money and already had five children to feed. If you can imagine how we had to fight, for a long time, in order to make a living and survive. Fortunately, some people, that we weren’t acquainted with, helped us in true goodness and we could render our efforts to improve our situation. However, I must admit, however,...