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The official blog of author Ian Andrew. From an idyllic ridge line in Australia.

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A Time To Every Purpose
Ian Andrew

What if Jesus hadn't been crucified?
For two thousand years the religions of earth have been united in peace and harmony, and humanity enveloped in Nirvana. But in the early decades of the twentieth century, natural disasters, famine, disease and economic collapse bring catastrophe and a fledgling Nazi Party sweeps to power. Now, almost a century later, their brutal persecution of millions is a neverending holocaust.

Yet a few heroes remain.
Leigh Wilson, inventor of one of...

Have You Read?
David L Atkinson

The story is a speculative journey into a possible future that may lie ahead of us all. There is evidence that such a future may not be impossible. We have been warned that unless we increase the ability to produce electricity there could be power cuts in the next ten years. Our modern day lives are permeated through with the need for electricity and its production.
Although Cessation could be categorised as a dystopian story I find that rather a negative word and the purpose of writing...

Azuri Blue: And The Cossack Nostra (Wicked Marionette Book 3)
Alan Smith

She is an exotic dancer, and she lights up his life. He provides protection against organised crime in Zurich's red light district. Azuri Blue shines down on George, and he looks up from the dark that surrounds him. But the darkness is his own creation. For George is Algernon Dearly, mobster and murderer on the run from Sidlaw city.
The Sonne cabaret bar needs protecting against the Azovs, a Russian mob who are moving in to the area. They want the place, and are prepared to fight.......

The Nursing Home Fugitive
Georgiann Baldino

Clive Parisi lives momenttomoment. A stroke took away his ability to remember. He runs away from the nursing home and embarks on the best journey of his life. A cast of weird, wonderful, disabled characters help him adapt. He takes up painting as a way to communicate and proves that, despite overwhelming obstacles, he can still decide what becomes of him.
Author Georgiann Baldino gives caregivers everywhere a novel they can understand and enjoy.......

Red Desert - Invisible Enemy
Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli

Mars hasn't always been red.
Once it was covered by oceans.
It was blue, hospitable, inviting.
Then everything changed, but something remained . . . waiting.
Third book in the science fiction series "Red Desert".
The joy of finding the small community living in Ophir is soon shattered by the news coming from Houston about the loss of contact with Station Alpha. In fact for more than a day now, no life signs have been detected inside the habitat.
So, together with Jack,...

Shattered Hearts
Lee Ryder

A plague has destroyed all the adults in the world and left the children alone to begin anew. Fleeing the dangerous city streets and pregnant with another man's child Jess and her new found family travel through the vast cemeteries searching for the Promised Land. Will they find it before the baby arrives?......