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The official blog of author Ian Andrew. From an idyllic ridge line in Australia.

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A Time To Every Purpose
Ian Andrew

What if Jesus hadn't been crucified?
For two thousand years the religions of earth have been united in peace and harmony, and humanity enveloped in Nirvana. But in the early decades of the twentieth century, natural disasters, famine, disease and economic collapse bring catastrophe and a fledgling Nazi Party sweeps to power. Now, almost a century later, their brutal persecution of millions is a neverending holocaust.

Yet a few heroes remain.
Leigh Wilson, inventor of one of...

Have You Read?
Sweet Melissa: Behind Bars (Book Three 3)
Susan Segovia-Munoz

Roses are red, Violets are blue.
If you shoot too much HEROIN,
You'll soon be blue too...
Please God don't let me DIE in prison. My limp, blue body had just been dragged across the cold linoleum floored hallway from another inmate's cell over to my own. I had been out of bounds and INJECTED with some of the heroin I had just received that day.
The last thing I had remembered was sitting on the TOILET in...

Love Lost at Sea: Zombie Zero: The Short Stories Vol. 3
J.K. Norry

As terror claims the land, hope drifts to the water…
Kirsten’s Dream is both simple and impossible. Faced with a startling new reality, she runs away to camp out on a docked yacht. While she sleeps, the boat sets sail, and Kirsten’s dream ends on the ocean.
Chelsea’s Cry resounds across the open sea. Happily and completely in love, Chelsea sees the zombie apocalypse as a vacation without end. Her joyful cries of freedom carry for miles over the empty water.
Nick’s Mission...

The Walls of Freedom (The Changing Earth Series Book 3)
Sara F. Hathaway

"I just hope I...Have the spirit to go on fighting. Have the power to take on forces that are so much bigger than me."
On the run, Erika, her husband, Vince, and their children flee the government forces in search of a new life. The Great Quake ten years ago left the United States devastated. FEMA camps sprouted up in Regional Districts to control the chaos and separate the landowners from the refugees. Erika and her family spent nine years as refugees in the camp before they found out...

SOULS II (Heart & Souls Book 2)
Oliver Frances

Souls II is one ebook that belongs to the Heart & Souls series. This edition, the first of the serie, is a collection of three spiritual and emotional short stories about life and relationships.
It features "An Age Gap" a love that blooms surprisingly on daily basis, anyhow it has an unexpected final and this is not by the peculiarity that defines it.
"Father & Son", a love based on respect and acceptance of their mutual differences and points of view.
"Ideas", an entire world of...

THE ATONEMENT: A Celebration of Women

On the cradle of the majestic Himalayas, right below the mountainous range where clouds gather, there were two small villages tucked into the veil of wilderness, untouched and unspoiled by the cruelty and malevolence of modernity, and existed side by side by its own in sheer peace and harmony. They were unique, selfreliant and happy, had their own customs and traditions, and had never been exposed hitherto to the outside world. JJ was the only son of the village chief, was utterly spoilt,...