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Setting Up House: Home and Hearth Collected Edition
Jackie Weger

Just in time for summer, Setting Up House, a collection of Jackie Weger's three most popular fulllength novels packed with love and laughter and adventures of the heart. Three love stories about ordinary men and women hoping for safe haven, a home and hearth, someone to love and be loved in return and a bit happiness at the end of the day. Join Justine Hale in The House on Persimmon Road as she moves her eccentric family into a house rented sight unseen in Alabama's rich delta land. Justine...

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Commissioned (The Paradigm Shift Trilogy Book 3)
Raven H. Price

COMMISSIONED (Book 3 of the Paradigm Shift Trilogy) picks up where Convinced left off. After Gina Grimes places Satan under her feet, Jesus declares a war. One factor remained before He could follow through with His war. God, insisted He free Satan’s harlot before proceeding with the annihilation.
After Jesus releases the harlot, for one year, the Holy Spirit, also known as Whisperer, will narrate the story behind the commissioned. He will lead readers through more escapades...

Sink or Swim
Stacy Juba

Personal trainer Cassidy Novak has gained fame for starring on a hit reality show, but not only does she lose, she discovers she is being stalked. She's also being shadowed by Zach Gallagher, a hunky photographer who has been assigned to capture her personal moments for the local newspaper. As her former competitors get killed off one by one, Cassidy refuses to play by the stalker's bizarre rules. When he forces a showdown, Cassidy must play to win. A combination of cozy mystery and romantic...

Bad Trip
Belinda Bennett

Bestselling American novelist Charity Chalmers is in El Salvador to find inspiration for her next book. Cocooned in the luxury of the five star Plaza Hotel, she thinks she is in paradise. But the beautiful scenery of La Costa del Balsamo masks terror.
Danger is stalking her every move in this journey from paradise to hell.
Where beauty cloaks evil, there is No Mercy...

Empowering Women to Succeed: From Burnout To Victory
Randi Goodman

Immerse yourself in the most emotionally raw, powerfully compelling stories of those on the journey of women’s empowerment. These tenacious individuals have faced lifealtering challenges and changes, and it’s all captured lyrically and beautifully in the pages within Empowering Women to Succeed.
This book is a compilation of stories from 15 real women, and one real man, who have experienced life’s triumphs and hardships, and had the resolute perseverance to achieve profound...

Body Language, Intuition & Leadership! Surviving Junior High:
Dr. Orly Katz

Surviving junior high! The secrets of body language, listening and intuition…
Read it FREE as part of your PRIME or Kindle Unlimited membership
It happened the first time I stood on stage in front of the whole school.
I thought that I was about to burst from all the pressure. I was so stressed out that I hadn’t noticed that I really was bursting…to do something else …
Interested to read what happened next?
Read this and many more fun and exciting stories to...