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Setting Up House: Home and Hearth Collected Edition
Jackie Weger

Just in time for summer, Setting Up House, a collection of Jackie Weger's three most popular fulllength novels packed with love and laughter and adventures of the heart. Three love stories about ordinary men and women hoping for safe haven, a home and hearth, someone to love and be loved in return and a bit happiness at the end of the day. Join Justine Hale in The House on Persimmon Road as she moves her eccentric family into a house rented sight unseen in Alabama's rich delta land. Justine...

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Extreme Consequences - Imogene's Past Lives
Christine Sherborne

Imogene's Past Life Regressions cause dire Consequences for MankindIs Reincarnation a Reality? Imogene's Past Lives is the second book in the Imogene series. The Phineas Priesthood and the Guardians of Avebury Circle battle to save or destroy mankind. The Council of Elders use Imogene, daughter of Guardian Xantara to instigate penalties against the world. Despite the efforts of Frank Carrington, British Prime Minister, world leaders will not agree to disarm and share their countries'...

Eye of the Storm: The Silent Grief of Miscarriage
Rachel McGrath

"There is no heartbeat . . . " Those four words will stay with me forever.
Sadly about thirty percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage, and many of those women who have suffered this loss often grieve in silence.
This short novella details the experience of one woman’s loss during the early stages of a pregnancy. McGrath tells her story with full transparency, sharing all of her raw emotions and baring her soul through an incredibly difficult time.
This short account provides a...

Tragedy at Silver Creek
Belinda G. Buchanan

Guilt is a powerful thing, and former deputy Jack Collins is mired in it. Unable to forget the events that have taken place in the town he was sworn to protect, he feels as if he is slowly drowning as he tries to cope with the aftermath of a serial killer's reign of terror, as well as his newand unwantedjob as chief of police.
When the body of a young woman, having the same puncture wounds as the serial killer's previous victims, is discovered, Jack must determine if this is a copycat...

Kissing a Killer
David Carter

Twentysomething Eleanor Wright does tricks for men for cash to feed a growing drugs habit. She lives in a run down caravan in an isolated spot down by the river. One Friday night the caravan burns down and Eleanor perishes within, but is it an accident, suicide, or murder?
Inspector Walter Darriteau and his team are called in to investigate and embark on a journey that none of them could possibly predict. "Kissing a Killer" is the fourth Inspector Walter Darriteau murder/mystery...

Songs from the Mountain
Martini Fisher

In the village where I grew up, there was a valley. Beyond the valley was the Mountain of a Thousand Faces. It stood there for many generations, watching over us here in the village.
The mountain saw Dian, who then became one of it’s guardians, leaving her family behind, yet never abandoning them, watching as her niece fell in love with a murderer, and her other niece struggled with her heart break. It still stood in the time of war, where a young family was torn apart, their...