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Follow Award-winning Historical Fiction Author, Anne Rouen, on her blog - Graba a Cuppa. Anne discusses her novels in the Master of Illusion series, and loves to write about her interests: horses, feminism, and her own battle with breast cancer.

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Angel of Song (Master of Illusion Book 3)
Anne Rouen

From the awardwinning historical fiction author, Anne Rouen, is the third installment to the Master of Illusion series. Angel of Song is a historical romance set in World War I on the Western Front.
Detailed Description:
Born into the halcyon era of the Belle Époque, Parisian debutante Angelique de Villefontaine has been shielded all her young life by her influential guardian, the marquis du Bois; and his lifelong companion, Madame Dupont. Despite the protection of her mentors, the...

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