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You can not lick your elbow!: and other things you should know
Aaron Wayne-Duke

"You can not lick your elbow" is a children's education book that will take readers through topics such as basic chemistry, space expeditions to the moon, color theory and silly animal facts. Large, easy to read print. Vibrant, fun illustrations. Rhyming text reminiscent of Dr. Seuss. Perfect for the young and young at heart. Recommended for preschool to grade school age.......

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Vampire Outbreak (Southern Style Supernatural Series Book 2)
Joe Fowler

We’ve all seen the vampire movies and television shows. We’ve even read the books. It would seem that the world would love to meet real vampires. The problem is that only a select few vampires play nice with their food.
Austin is turned by Rosalyn, the most beautiful woman imaginable. His new life is just getting started when he is thrown into a war to save the human race. The age old rivalry between vampire and werewolf gets kicked into high gear.
400 year old pureblood Seth...

Safe in the Pirate's Arms
Stephanie Hurt

Her breath caught in her throat as the white sails came into view. She watched The Lady sail into port grandly. Although it was a known Pirate ship she couldn’t help but admire it.
• • •
He wanted to see her again. He’d only caught site of her quickly on the docks. Who was she? She’d been like a breath of fresh air.
• • •
Their fates were entwined. Although he was deemed a pirate by most, those that knew him were aware of the truth. He would protect her

Graham and Kaipo
Paul Day

Graham and Kaipo are two creatures separated by a vast ocean, but who are brought together by fate. In the heart of Africa they find themselves prisoners of heartless human animal traders. When fortune smiles upon them and they escape, then embark on a perilous journey to find their home. Along the way they must face danger, unforgiving wilderness, as well as their haunting past. They began as strangers, became friends and are destined through courage to do something extraordinary.......

Under A Bourbon Street Moon
K. M. McFarland

Sex, Blood, Rock and Roll ... and vampires. Quinn is one happy vampire until a former girlfriend returns to New Orleans to put her life back together after a divorce and he discovers she has been employed by him. A young country singer comes to town to find her father and finds herself in a world of vampires, ghosts and Voodoo.