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You can not lick your elbow!: and other things you should know
Aaron Wayne-Duke

"You can not lick your elbow" is a children's education book that will take readers through topics such as basic chemistry, space expeditions to the moon, color theory and silly animal facts. Large, easy to read print. Vibrant, fun illustrations. Rhyming text reminiscent of Dr. Seuss. Perfect for the young and young at heart. Recommended for preschool to grade school age.......

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Ten Naval Battles: Naval Alternate History
Grey Wolf

Ten Naval Battles tells the story of an alternate history from the mid 18th century to the mid 19th century through the eyes of a historian writing about the ten most decisive naval battles of this period. Read about the Egyptians defeating the French, events in the North American colonies, and the formation of a federal Germany. Also includes the start of Ten Great Leaders with the Duc d'Andorra.......

Georgina Zuvela

Rosko Krystoffe and Derek Schoemakker are on an ambitious quest to Jupiter’s moon Callisto with a small crew, which includes Gretchen Tousard and Vanda Shariffe. Their mission is to rescue Eva who is presumed sold into slavery, and to repossess an alien artifact named the Madonna's Cross that is unlawfully held in possession by the Calliston Gabra Shi.
As competition increases among the top scientists in OOS and also between the Spirullian Force and SEV’s Syncronised Network,...

Rebecca Gransden

A young girl emerges out of the woods. David is in the middle of wrestling with an unsatisfactory existence when she enters his life. He decides to look out for the girl, but he soon discovers she may not be all she seems.
Together they decide to seek out a place of safety, away from a world that could misunderstand their relationship. As their troubles come to the surface, events take a turn that will have lifechanging consequences for the both of them.......

Saying Goodbye (Compilation)
Mahima Martel

“Sometimes with love, you don’t need to say a single word; you just know it is there.”
As a social storm brewed across the Atlantic in 1964, vivacious and rebellious Hollywood starlet Frankie Robinson had no expectations when she met dark and introspective Alex Rowley, guitarist for one of the hottest English bands – The Dark Knights.

For an eager young couple, neither Frankie nor Alex anticipates the scandal their public relationship will cause—reputations must be...

Angels Among Us: 52 Humorous And Inspirational Short Stories
Daris Howard

52 Humorous And Inspirational Short humorous and inspirational short stories from year 7 of Life's Outtakes, a nationally syndicated column by Daris Howard. From the humor of a what students write in Student Communications to the wonderment of a child in need of a friend in Angels Among Us, this is a fun look at family and community life.

Stories include:
Value For Value
Bad Hair Day
Student Communications (3)
Off Road Bicycling
How Much Is A Bike Worth
A Super...