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Further Notes From the Dispatch Box of John H Watson MD
Hugh Ashton

Four further adventures of the great detective, discovered in the dispatch-box and transcribed and edited by Hugh Ashton: The Abernetty Horror; The Finsbury House; The Curious Affair of the Archdeacon; and An Account of the Victor Lynch Forgery. All of these are mentioned in the original adventures by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Before Herring Cove Road: Ruth Goldman and the Nincompoop (A
Michael Kroft

The Funny and Heartwarming Prequel to the Family Saga Series, Herring Cove Road.
With her mother’s death two years before, her father’s recent marriage to a woman she doesn’t get along with, and then finding herself engaged to a man she isn’t even sure she loves, Ruth Goldman has decided to take a year off to discover what she wants in life. It’s the early 1930’s, and with a small savings, the support from her much older and lifelong best friend (her family’s servant,) and...

Where Dreams and Visions Live (Anthologies of the Heart Book 1)
Mary Blowers

A new venture by author Mary Blowers to provide an audience for 38 authors, many publishing for the first time. Challenge your beliefs about Dreams and Visions in this anthology of short stories, essays, and poems.......

Solomon's Treasure - Book 1: Beginnings (The Tomb, the Temple,
Ben Hammott

NEW 2962016 rewritten, reedited and revised Harper Edition
An ancient mystery, a lost treasure, a great secret and the search for the most sought after relics in all antiquity.
This is one of the most exciting novels I've read in years."
"Hammott's writing is solid and the premise intriguing. An entertaining quest filled action adventure.”
"I must say I enjoyed this novel very much. If you like Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt (His earlier novels), James Rollins or Matthew Reilly,...

Rails and Aces

On a train to Rawlins, Wyoming, Jace Keeler plays poker with four strangers and a mysterious woman, Deliah Cade. Midgame, train robbers strike. When Jace chases after bandit, Willie Starks, who is fleeing with the payroll money, lawmen mistake him for one of the outlaws. He rides off wounded, is rescued by Deliah, and is taken to a robber’s roost tucked away in the cliffs. Meanwhile, Starks, pursued by lawmen, stashes the loot in the canyon. When the money turns up missing, the...