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The case of the Bear Cubs Loss: The Twins Book 1
Luciana Correa

Liam, Noah, Emma and Olivia are quite happy. They were invited to visit British Columbia bear Park! They are going together with their father who is studying the Bear population. The famous geneticist is involved in the protection of the furry beasts. Doctor Cole, the vet in charge of the project is also a scientist and he is glad to count on Armadi's help. At their arrival, they face an unexpected situation. The momma bear accounted for the project has lost her cubs! The twins can't...

Have You Read?
Richard Whitten Barnes

Ben Posner is at the top of his scientific career when a change in CEOs drastically affects his lifestyle. Before anyone realizes, Ben is using alcohol to cope with his problems. This downward spiral finds him homeless and eventually rescued by the woman he has secretly loved. Together they begin to patch his life back together, only to face a charge of murder.......

The Rise of the New Bloods, Darkness Rising
K.A. Hambly

Sequel to The Rise of the New Bloods, From Dark Beginnings

Eleven months later, and Jyrki is back again. In Wales. What has the ancient prophecy got planned for him now?
Having left New York to embark on a UK tour with the Black Stones, Jyrki set sails across the Atlantic to London, but things don't go according to plan well they won't when you're still a vampire.
As Jyrki and Blaze begin to start their music career they meet a mysterious cab driver called Dave who takes them...

The Bequest
Hope Anika

Cheyenne Elias has inherited a child. A boy she doesn’t know and doesn’t particularly want; a boy whose mother was once Cheyenne’s most hated person in the world. There are a million reasons to walk away: her anger, her past, her certainty that there is nothing benevolent in this act by a woman who almost killed her. But abandoning the boy to a system she barely survived is not an option…
Will Blackheart has lost everything. His SEAL team, his country, and—upon o...

Age of Darkness
Brandon Chen

Age of Darkness is the story of Keimaro Hayashi, a young man tormented and shunned for reasons unknown to him. When his village is attacked and his adopted family slaughtered, Keimaro must join with his only friend, Yata, to find vengeance for those he loved most. Hounded by a terrorist organization known as the Bounts, Keimaro travels far from his simple, shielded home into a world filled with espionage, magic, and betrayal. He gains allies along the way—others who have been wronged by...

The Death Broker
David Carter

Soon to be eighteen, Rhiannon Reece lives with her grandparents. Her mother was killed when she was just one, and her father, unable to cope with events, fled to Australia, never to be seen or heard of again.
One morning, Rhiannon ostensibly sets off for school, but she doesn’t arrive, and worse still, in the evening she doesn’t come home. Her grandparents are distraught. Where is Rhiannon? She did not attend school, and she’s not with her friends or her boyfriend.
Frantic with...