Journey of Words by Jessica Werner

This is my blog about writing and everything that has to do with my progress in writing. I share my own experiences, stories, writing tips and of course news related to my own books. Come with me on my journey of words

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Sra'kalor (Ashwood Falls Part 1)
Jessica Werner

What is Sra'kalor about?
Feared by the citizens of her birth town and her family, Alana spends her 18th birthday in a way she did not expect: put on a bus to a town called Ashwood Falls, after being told by her parents to never return. Soon after arrival, she learns that she has something in common with the denizens of her new home: Magic. Unable to control her powers, she seeks help in The Circle, a group formed by magic users. She begins her journey in a strange world unknown to her,...

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The Long Journey - A Christian Novel (An American Journey Book
Cliff Ball

The Long Journey, a Christian historical fiction novel, is the first novel in Cliff Ball's second series called, "An American Journey." On sale for $.99, but usually $2.99.
In 1830, President Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act into law authorizing the removal of southern tribes to Indian Territory in the west. In 1838, the Trail of Tears occur when the remaining people are forcibly removed and marched a thousand plus miles on foot.
George Massey, a twenty year old Cherokee,...

The Adventures of Travis and Daisy
J cunningham

Children's Book : Two sibling puppies growing up.......

Mantequero - Dual Language Book: English/Spanish (Spanish
Jenny Twist

When June went to Spain for Christmas she met the man of her dreams. Night after night he came to visit her – and day after day she got thinner and thinner.
In Spain they have a different kind of vampire!
Cuando June se fue a España en Navidades conoció al hombre de sus sueños. Noche tras noche la visitaba y día tras día se ponía cada vez más delgada.
¡En España tienen otro tipo de vampiro!
An easyreading story in English and Spanish suitable for students of either...

Heirs of Immortality (TROY Book 2)
Ben Blake

A vast Greek fleet has gathered at Aulis, ready for the assault on Troy. But a prophecy says the first man ashore will die, and unease spreads among the soldiers.
Across the sea Troy prepares to defend herself. Palisades have been built overlooking the beach, and neighbouring cities have promised help. Better still, Mursili the Hittite is making dozens of iron blades, each one stronger than any weapon in all Greece.
Isander of Elis dreamed of winning glory in battle. He is among the...

Golden Years 2

Mic the Mouse and Shadow the dog are back and trying to help people deal with the inevitable horror of growing old. They hope that a bit of humor will make the days and years a little easier to take.......