Journey of Words by Jessica Werner

This is my blog about writing and everything that has to do with my progress in writing. I share my own experiences, stories, writing tips and of course news related to my own books. Come with me on my journey of words

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Sra'kalor (Ashwood Falls Part 1)
Jessica Werner

What is Sra'kalor about?
Feared by the citizens of her birth town and her family, Alana spends her 18th birthday in a way she did not expect: put on a bus to a town called Ashwood Falls, after being told by her parents to never return. Soon after arrival, she learns that she has something in common with the denizens of her new home: Magic. Unable to control her powers, she seeks help in The Circle, a group formed by magic users. She begins her journey in a strange world unknown to her,...

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DOTTY and the Chimney Thief (The DOTTY Series Book 2)
Emma Warner-Reed

All is not well in the world of The Calendar House. There’s a rogue sweep on the loose, and they’re not just stealing trinkets from the houses they enter, they’re stealing the chimneys, too! To add insult to injury, Little Joe Raman from the corner shop on Dotty’s beloved Wyvern Road has gone missing and nobody knows why.

It appears Dotty has a lot to contend with. The Council of Sweeps are looking for answers but it seems there aren’t any to be found. Has Joe been abducted...

Unlikely Soldiers Book Two:: (Secrets & Lies)
Deb McEwan

"The story of Guy and Mouse was entertaining, and at times, sweat inducing. I liked the thrill and I loved reading about all the inside military action." Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite
Forced apart by their Army Service, will the Falklands War, the troubles in Northern Ireland and a posting to the British Army of the Rhine be the kiss of death for Mouse and Guy’s relationship?
Is their passion strong enough to survive a dangerous vendetta or the...

Gunman's Justice
P. A. Bechko

Thorne Stevens had built up quite a reputation as a gunman. In fact, it was said that a body could count on one hand the number of times that he had ever backed down from a fight.
But Thorne Stevens figured he had done enough hellraising for any five men , and the time had come to settle down. And he had picked out the spot a pretty little valley in the wild, free territory of Wyoming.
Unfortunately, violence seems to dog his path, and he stakes his claim right smack in the middle of...

Playing For Love
Dana Burkey

For years now, Fiona has been known by everyone at school as "Ross Mealing's little sister." But now, as she begins her sophomore year of high school, she is determined to be known by a new title: "Jordan Peterson's girlfriend." The only problem with that plan? Jordan happens to be best friends with her brother, and after this year will be moving on to college. Hoping to act like the girls Jordan has dated in the past, Fiona joins the soccer team and does her best to make Jordan see her as...

How To Write Alternate History
Grey Wolf

Grey Wolf's articles on how to write alternate history, including what to look out for, considerations to bear in mind, and ideas for progression.......