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My Life as a Banker: A Life worth Living
Brenda Mohammed

Voted second in category Best bio/memoir for Metamorph Publishing Summer Indie Book awards.
Fascinating, Intriguing, Inspiring, Positive, Heartwarming, and Motivational Memoir.
Brenda proved that hard work and determination pay, as she moved up the ranks, and received several promotions, leading up to senior managerial status.
Read about Brenda's first mega trip abroad to New York, Canada, London, Germany, and Holland, as well as other fabulous vacations she enjoyed.

Have You Read?
Resurrection: A Col Sec Thriller (Col Sec series Book 6)
Jan Domagala

Tartaran, the planet of deadly secrets is being held by the Elysium Alliance. General Sinclair of Col Sec thinks it’s time for that to change. He sanctions a new mission for those under his command in the Wildfire Initiative.
Kurt Stryder, recently reunited with his lost love Zara Hardy, now a vital member of the Wildfire Initiative too is sent back to the planet where he finally learned where his destiny lies. This time though he has the full back up of Zara and the Wildfire Team led...

On Common Ground (For Their Country's Good Book 3)
Rebecca Bryn

Concluding the tale of Jem and Ella's illfated love: both have been transported as convicts to Van Diemen's Land. Ella and Jem's baby son, William, is dying from malnutrition in the nursery of the female factory at Launceston, where she is imprisoned. In order to save his life, she has put herself forward for marriage, despite already having a legal husband, Harry, and a son, Matthew, in England. Her new 'husband' has gold fever and is taking her and William over Australia's Bue Mountains in...

The Fortunes of Magic
Anna L. Walls

Join Liam as he tries to lead a normal life while those around him try to take, control, or regulate the magic that is as much a part of him as the very air he breathes.......

First Blush: Book 1 - The Suzy & Katie Series
D. D.

The story of two women, one married and the other single. One hiding a secret while the other open and free. Was there meeting purely chance or did fate step in a play a role. First Blush is book 1 of a five book series about the series stars, Suzy & Katie. The series follows their lives through the early tumulus years through a point of growing love, commitment, surprises, reunification with family and friends, and finally ending in a piece of heaven.
This series is in the process...

Her Wish for Christmas (Lean on Him Christian Romance Series
Stephanie Hurt

He would test her faith... She would help him find his...
They knew God had brought them together for a reason. But when Bella realizes that Simon might not be what she had thought, will she be able to save herself? When something triggers a violence in him will their marriage and their faith be able to survive? This is a journey of faith through the dark, dangerous world of domestic violence and how God can heal all wounds.......