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My Life as a Banker: A Life worth Living
Brenda Mohammed

Voted second in category bio/memoir for Metamorph Publishing Summer Indie Book awards.
Fascinating, Intriguing, Inspiring, Positive, Heartwarming, and Motivational Memoir.
My Life as a Banker is a banker's memoir, in which the author describes changes in the banking system, and changes in the bank's attitude to its employees throughout her working years, in a Trinidad bank with ties in the United Kingdom.

Have You Read?
Time Will Tell (The Time Series Book 1)
J Roth

14 year old Sydnie Hayes appears to have it all brains, beauty, supportive family, and close friends. What's missing from her life? What every 14 year old girl dreams Her life changes the day she sets eyes on Ryder Morgan, it’s more than his intoxicatingly good looks and mesmerizing brown eyes, it’s the way he carries himself with an air of sophistication way beyond his years. But there is more to him than meets the eye, as she delves into his puzzling past to reveal a...

Clifftop Rendezvous An Upton-on-Sea Second Chance Romance
Adrienne Clare

Jody and Nick are both ready to start the next chapter in their lives. Jody, at last liberated from a drunken exhusband and determined to succeed in both her florist business and now in love. Nick having finally come to terms with a tragedy that stopped his life in its tracks has moved to the town in the hope that a new home could herald a new start.
The cliffs above UptononSea are open and windswept, perfect territory for lonely contemplation of life’s all too tricky twists and turns...

Fröhliche Weihnachten: Merry Christmas
K. C. Sprayberry

Riona’s life of selfdoubt stranded her in an abusive marriage with four small children to raise. Her children and a successful career in the Air Force made her life bearable. She needed out—and Fate handed her a way.
Once, when she was younger, there was a man she thought good until he stood her up. She had no way of knowing that he had endured a bad marriage and a bitter divorce, leaving a teenaged daughter in the middle. He had never forgotten Riona.
Both their hearts were...

Queen Mallaegania and the Valley of the Demon
Maurice Hardy

, myths and folklore referred to is as ‘The Valley Of The Demon’. Ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian texts described the existence of a large fertile valley totally surrounded by cliffs and mountains. Being virtually inaccessible, it was dismissed by the great powers as irrelevant. Legend tells of an orderly civilisation evolving in the sanctuary of this fortresslike valley, under the rule of a powerful and mysterious Queen named Mallagaenia.
However in 34BC, a massive earthquake...

Sin-Eater: Book Two - Destiny
Bryan Alaspa

Grady is the latest in a long line of sineaters. His father was one and so was his grandfather. His father was one of the greatest, and most powerful, that every lived. However, he died under mysterious circumstances years ago.
Grady now works for the same shadowy organization his father did. This part of the acclaimed SinEater series tells the story of how Grady came to accept his fate and to work for the same organization as his father. It is the story of how Grady accepted his...