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To know is to learn--to learn is to understand--to understand is to grasp the true meaning--to grasp the true meaning is to write what you know. This is a blog dedicated to kids of all ages. It discusses issues facing kids and books that may be of interest.

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Search for the Red Ghost
Sherry Alexander

Thirteenyearold Jake Thrasher’s mother is dead, and the only clues left by the beast that killed her are a few strands of red hair and a set of platesized tracks.
When his Army Scout father refuses to hunt it down, Jake takes matters into his own hands. Leaving the safety of his small ranch, Jake follows a sparse trail through an inhospitable desert filled with snakes, wolves, grizzlies, renegade Apache, and the everpresent threat of death. Will he find his Red Ghost? Or, will he...

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IRELAND: Mythical, Magical, Mystical: A Guide to Hidden Ireland
Christy Nicholas

Do you find yourself drawn to the magic of the Emerald Isle? Would you like to see places beyond the typical tourist traps? Come, join me on a journey through the mists of legend, into the hidden places of mystery. Immerse yourself in the legends and myths, the history that has made this island precious in the hearts and minds of millions. Along with the tales and history, there is practical information on planning your trip, budgeting your costs, and finding...

SUBJECTED: the Predicate - a novel (the Sequel)
G. F. Smith

Subjected: the Predicate
Why does God keep his children in a box?
Dr. Daniel J. Sayer has just learned that his life is essentially over, yet at the same time is reluctantly ushered, by an Alien—or Angel (he’s still not sure which), into the heart of a terrorist crisis, with the lives of thousands of children in the proverbial balance...

Book Creation: Volume 2 - A Science Guy's Exploration of
C. R. Downing

This booklet takes you through the quick, easy, ENTIRELY FREE process of publishing your manuscript on Amazon, and how to begin promoting ebook and paperback versions of the book.
The title of this booklet—Volume 2 in my series on writing, publishing, promoting, and collaborating—includes the word creation. That is intentional—there were other terms considered. Creation was the ultimate choice because humans are gifted creators at a variety of levels.
This primary focus of this...

The Fairy Fly
Lori R. Lopez

A Black Widow queen, a big bad Wolf Spider, and a HitMantis are but a few of the obstacles for a spunky little spider who must find his way home through a strange land of giants in this witty fairytale fantasy for kids and adults.
Transported out of his element into a realm of dangers and foes, Spider is aided by the insects and arachnids he befriends, but only he can see the Fairy Fly. Is she real or imagined? This whimsical novel about finding oneself while feeling small in a big...

Master of Heaven (The Legend of Sithalkaan Book 3)
J. N. de Bedout

Hordes of Minotaru zealots have steamrolled across western Japan, scattering proud families into the ashes of anonymity. To expand further, these hideous masters transformed conquered fortresses and temples into bastions of evil. No individual fief could oppose their venomous tide.
Three heroes stand in their path toward domination. Alone, they cannot win. But they have a new ally, am ambitious visionary with grandiose dreams of unification. With support from this opportunistic...