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To know is to learn--to learn is to understand--to understand is to grasp the true meaning--to grasp the true meaning is to write what you know. This is a blog dedicated to kids of all ages. It discusses issues facing kids and books that may be of interest.

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Search for the Red Ghost
Sherry Alexander

Thirteenyearold Jake Thrasher’s mother is dead, and the only clues left by the beast that killed her are a few strands of red hair and a set of platesized tracks.
When his Army Scout father refuses to hunt it down, Jake takes matters into his own hands. Leaving the safety of his small ranch, Jake follows a sparse trail through an inhospitable desert filled with snakes, wolves, grizzlies, renegade Apache, and the everpresent threat of death. Will he find his Red Ghost? Or, will he...

Have You Read?
Can You See My Hand?: A Lesson on Faith
Mary Bouyer

Can You See My Hand, is a story book that is geared to teaching little ones about the precious tool of faith in God. It’s use of pictures to depict and paint the beauty of who God is. Just because we can’t see him it does not mean that he does not exist in the creation of you and me.

A Time for Adventure (A Gerry Macneil Saga Book 1)
Mel Smith

The first in Gerry MacNeil's time travel adventures.
It was just a typical English September day in 1984 for Gerry MacNeil. Taking a day out from work with a lesuirly game of golf he unexpectedly finds himself thrust into a world of adventure.
It's here, after receiving a knock from a stray golf ball, that Gerry encounters Eloise Ponsonby, not in 1984 but instead he finds himself back in time and its 1928.
Mixing fiction with real life characters and events, Mel RJ Smith creates a...

Kaleidoscope of Hopes: A Second Chance at Love
Devika Fernando

High hopes mean big disappointments. Nadia has learned that lesson the hard way. Single, struggling to make ends meet, and hurt by the past, the last thing she needs is another complication. When her new boss – a handsome, secretive widower with a child – moves in next door, their worlds collide. Sweet hopes bloom again, but both of them are burdened by tragic secrets. Should she give love a second chance?......

Out-Of-Mind Experiences: Thirteen Tales
Lori R. Lopez

Ever heard the expression don't judge a book by its cover? Well, here's one you can. The cover art (by the author) conveys a fine line between "mad" and "madness". This diverse collection merges an array of genres such as horror and humor, modern and mythic, historic and supernatural. Sometimes gripping, often quirky, these tales are always inventive and thoughtinducing. Journey through a broad spectrum of fictional adventures from angry cows to psychotic pets, through portals of terror...

Sin-Eater: Book Two - Destiny
Bryan Alaspa

Grady is the latest in a long line of sineaters. His father was one and so was his grandfather. His father was one of the greatest, and most powerful, that every lived. However, he died under mysterious circumstances years ago.
Grady now works for the same shadowy organization his father did. This part of the acclaimed SinEater series tells the story of how Grady came to accept his fate and to work for the same organization as his father. It is the story of how Grady accepted his...