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She is an author, as well as, Founder and Lead Investigator of Seeking Answers Paranormal (SAP_TN). She also enjoys reading, music, the television show Criminal Minds, and spending time with her family and friends. She loves animals and has several of her own. She hopes one day to own and operate a shelter for abused and neglected animals. Marie lives in Tennessee. You can find her other books on, Kindle, Nook, Books-a-Million, and Barnes & Noble.

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One Great Love
Marie Tayse

They had a history together but time had changed things. Life happened. I do's were said. Babies were born. Years passed. He never moved on. He never gave up on one day getting a second chance. He could never love another as he had loved her.
They had just met. How could he love her enough to want to spend the rest of his life with her? It was crazy but it felt so right.
She was older and had been married before, but none of that mattered to him. She was everything he had ever wanted...

Have You Read?
Smarty Havarti
Walter Rice

Jason Stallings has a job to do, but problems keep coming up. He goes to Denmark to fix a thorny business issue. Along the way he turns an embezzler straight, sends a Russian spy packing, solves a murder and falls in love.
Body in hotel room. Check.
Beautiful women. Check.
Willful violations of business deal. Check.
A spy who doesn't love him. Check.
People pretending to be someone or something else. Check.
A whole lot of folks...

Zombie Zero: The Last Zombie
J.K. Norry

The smell of hope is burning flesh…
The howlers are eating each other. What is left of humanity has a chance to breathe at last. Each group that forms has to consider how they will begin anew. They must come together on how to take care of the remaining monsters, grow food, teach kids, and deal with their dead…or fall apart in the pitted wasteland left to them by the zombie apocalypse.
Can humanity get it right this time?
Or will the last human become The Last Zombie?......

Moon Sworn
JF Holland

Maya Rawlings was orphaned and knows nothing of her family history. She's spent her whole life feeling that there's something missing. All she wants is to belong and to have a family of her own, the only problem with that is she's not found a man she's attracted to.
On the night of her 21st birthday, a strange mark appeared on the back of her hand, half a semicircle within another. Then the nightmares began, scenes of fear, running for her life, death and destruction, all followed...

The Secret People
B. R. Fleming

“We all have our hidden secrets . . .“
When Dr. Lesley Whitney receives the call from Sheriff Branshee that her famous father, archaeologist Arthur Whitney, is missing while exploring Native American sites in the Four Corners, Lesley enters a life and death struggle, thrust into the realm of Navajo Sorcerers and the Inorganic Beings.
  Her search for the truth forces Lesley to confront her past and her soured relationship with her father, as well as her current relationship with...

Single Motherhood Unplugged: Based on a True Story
Annemarie Musawale

Being a single mama has really been glamorized; maybe from necessity, maybe because there are some really visually glamorous single moms out there. Before you take the plunge, then you really should know what its REALLY like. Don’t get caught with your pants down, or your boobies out. Get the real deal right here.......