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She is an author, as well as, Founder and Lead Investigator of Seeking Answers Paranormal (SAP_TN). She also enjoys reading, music, the television show Criminal Minds, and spending time with her family and friends. She loves animals and has several of her own. She hopes one day to own and operate a shelter for abused and neglected animals. Marie lives in Tennessee. You can find her other books on, Kindle, Nook, Books-a-Million, and Barnes & Noble.

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One Great Love
Marie Tayse

They had a history together but time had changed things. Life happened. I do's were said. Babies were born. Years passed. He never moved on. He never gave up on one day getting a second chance. He could never love another as he had loved her.
They had just met. How could he love her enough to want to spend the rest of his life with her? It was crazy but it felt so right.
She was older and had been married before, but none of that mattered to him. She was everything he had ever wanted...

Have You Read?
Golden State Blues
Scott Skipper

Two men walked into a bar. They decided to save the state of California and they almost succeeded.
A king maker in the little town of Claremont decided to solve all the state’s problems, so he took a hardcore Republican, dressed him in Democrat’s clothes and got him elected governor of California, all the while pulling his puppet’s strings from a barstool. Things start to improve quickly especially after the legislature went on strike leaving Governor Jim’s hands unfettered. ...

Be Proud of Who You Are
Tania Giguere

Allen is a small green frog that feels he has no place in this world, that he just a frog.
But on his adventures, Allen discovers just how much he is needed and how important all things are in life.

The Alex Cave Series. Book 2. Cold Energy. A sci-fi mystery.
James M. Corkill

“A science fiction mystery/thriller, with intriguing scenarios, exhilarating situations, and nail-biting suspense. The action doesn't stop until the last page!” (Amazon top-500 reviewer).

Playing House
Donna Brown

"Masters only did two seascapes before his hand was crushed."
David and Emma Thomas have reached the end of the road. Only one thing is preventing them from parting ways: a painting they bought on honeymoon. Priceless to both of them, the only solution seems to be to find the second of the elusive Masters' seascapes and each carry away a piece of the past.
Will an impromptu road trip set them free once and for all?......

Let it Snow
Sherry Lewis

Christmas in Colorado…
The men in Marti Johanssen’s life seem determined to ruin her Christmas. Her teenage son wants to move in with his dad; her father wants her to reconcile with her ex so the Colorado family ranch will be in “capable” hands. And for some reason, Gil, her exhusband, is being more attentive than he ever was during their marriage.
Rick Dennehy, the attractive widower next door, seems quite happy not to be involved in Marti’s life. He’s made it perfectly...