MigraineWise by T Stedman

I help motivate migraineurs to manage their lives enough to release their creativity.

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Soul Breather (21st Century Sirens Book 1)
T Stedman

TIA STORM, a talented DJ, has no idea who she really is. All she knows is that she’s different. And it doesn’t stop her getting it on with the sexiest man she’s ever met…
JAY GARDINER, glaciercool, rich and devastatingly goodlooking.
But Fate is cruel, and throws her into the path of the gorgeous, combustible DANTE DUBONNETTI; playboy, rogue…and Jay Gardiner’s best friend.
Locked into an eternal triangle, Tia soon finds herself embroiled in a dangerously alien world of...

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A Merry Mountain Christmas (Smoky Mountain Romance Book 4)
P.C. Zick

First love returns to the Smoky Mountains with a little help from a rescue dog named Chester.
Fran is adjusting after her husband’s death when her first love comes back to town upsetting her family and leading her to an inspiration. Fran first fell in love with Michael as a teenager. When he broke her heart, she married Carl and lived a happy life for more than thirty years until Carl died tragically. Just when she’s becoming fed up with the wellmeaning, yet tiresome comments about...

Nemesis in Asia (Nemesis novels Book 2)
George Thomas

Alexei Guliyev, a former Soviet Spetsnaz officer is tempted out of his Caribbean retirement with a lucrative assignment in Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar to infiltrate and destroy the organization of a Russian international weapons trafficker. Behind the assignment is a U.S. security company with links to the C.I.A.
Trawling the nightspots of Bangkok, underworld contacts bring him to the attention of his target Igor Nizienko.
Gaining Nizienko's confidence, he organises an attack on a...

The Way of The Fairy Godmother
Jennifer Morse MS PhD

Awarded First Place 2015 Writers Digest Self Published Inspirational Ebook.
The Fairy Godmother is a transcendent, quintessential radical. Her teachings are revolutionary. Touched by the Fairy Godmother prepare yourself for the metamorphosis she will bring to your life.
The Way of The Fairy Godmother will explore what is good and already working in our lives to savor. The seeds of enduring happiness reside in our Deepest Desires. The more harmony and beauty we notice the more harmony

Jake Madrid and the Kikapu Kid
Ken Coleman

The story of a man, Jake Madrid and the eleven year old girl he calls the Kickapoo Kid after the Kickapoo Indians, also called the Kikapu Indians, who found her wandering alone in the wilderness. The relationship between them quickly develops into a constant battle of wills as the man and the bad tempered and sullen child constantly fight and tease each other. But Jake soon comes to realise she is no ordinary child, for apart from being insolent, and smart mouthed, she can cuss and swear as...

Today, Tomorrow, Forever: Carey's Revenge (Book 2)
K A Duggsy

18 only. Please note this is the second book in a series, if you haven't read Today, Tomorrow, Forever (Book 1) this book may not make any sense. This is the final book in this series.
Carey Cooper met and then lost, the love of his life Enola in a matter of weeks.
He’s a changed man, drowning in the depths of his despair and consumed with the need for vengeance. He wants nothing more than to be reunited with his love again but first he needs revenge.
With the help of his younger...