John Evans - Author of "The Unwilling Recruit" - The First of a series of Supernatural Thrillers. by John Evans

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The Unwilling Recruit
John Evans

Journalist John Hunt is known for taking any risk necessary to get the story. That is until his careless ambition leads to a hefty price. Reporting in Syria, John leads his cameraman Andrew three miles out of the safe zone. An explosion strikes. No one should have survived. But John did. After six months of rehabilitation, John is finally out of the hospital, he’s also out of work, and a horrific disfigurement is a constant reminder of that day. Already skating the edge of sanity, he is...

Have You Read?
Jennifer Morse and William Mortimer

Redemption's Warrior. A young adult novel. A story of fantasy fiction. Blending mystical realities with the ordinary.
Do you believe in beneficence? Can you fathom a goodness requiring you to make acts of power and truth? Acts resonating out into the world on waves of intention; where the impossible can intersect the possible,
Redemption's Warrior is the story of Christopher Marcos accused of running drugs. Incarcerated on Islas Tres Marias, an island prison 60 miles southwest of...

An Alien's Guide to the Human Species
Deb McEwan

Fancy something a bit different? If you like the unpredictable, you’re going to love this.
For reality TV fans like the Terries, the quickest way to find out about human mating rituals, leprechauns and the vagaries of our waste disposal systems is by watching TV. So how can aliens capture footage when they might die if they set foot on planet Earth?
Be glad you are not Caroline and Phil Gibson whose every moves are being analysed and recorded for the enlightenment of the Terries on...

Misunderstood: Secrets of a Teen Queen
Anya Valentino

Misunderstood tells the story of Enya Utzon – A real Teen Queen, who knows how to walk the talk. The novel begins by giving the reader an insight into her destined future as an Alist movie star, who allegedly has it all – Except true happiness and real love!
As the daughter of a successful and busy business couple, she’s used to being left to herself and having to handle everything on her own. That is with the exception of her trusted maid, personal assistant, beauty stylist, tennis...

The Bathory Curse
Renee Lake

Princess Cneajna of Transylvania didn’t expect to be brought back from death’s door by an ancient Pagan Goddess. She certainly never asked to be made into an immortal witch. All she wanted was to live out her life the wife of Vlad the Impaler and mother of his two sons. However, now she has a new life, and with it comes the impossible task of breaking a centuries old curse placed on the women of her family. A curse that drives each one insane. To make matters even more complicated...

Fracktured: A Deklan Falls Case File (The Deklan Falls Mystery
Bryan W. Alaspa

Deklan Falls, private investigator and former cop, is sober for the first time in a long time. These days he's a millionaire, but also still works for the D.A.'s office in the Ohio city of Oldtowne. He works to try and clean up the police force while also hoping to stop the coming gang war that threatens to destroy the city. It's a tough life, but he likes it that way.
Now, a billionaire industrialist is bringing the process known as...