The Brayback Minions by Clive S. Johnson

This is my latest short story, to which one reader responded: "As ever, the setting of the story was very vividly drawn. It's an intriguing blend of almost fairy-tale logic and structure but with a real-world setting and characters. And I didn't see the ending coming. I knew something was up, and it probably wasn't going to be good news for Deluge, but the exact denouement was a complete surprise. Very cool."

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Clive S. Johnson

The world of The Green forbids demons. They have always been sent away whilst still young children, over the river to an unknown fate...until Janeen.
Ignorant of her true nature, she unwittingly bewitches the folk of her forest village until, on the cusp of womanhood, the inevitable finally happens. As a young woman demon, she soon brings chaos to the ordered ways on the other side, and with it profound consequences not...

Have You Read?
Jeffrey G. Roberts

What if you were a brilliant physician, trained to heal and live by the Hippocratic Oath and you suddenly found yourself stranded in the wilds of Alaska, in the midst of a research project, with no way of getting home? What would you do? But how could this be? He need not be stranded at all in this day & age. But Dr. Reynolds Cully is not from this day & age, but from the year 2181. And though he was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, his current assignment is on Mars,...

Change of Heart: Clean and Wholesome Romance (Secret Baby,
Lori Soard

Sinclaire Meyers is completely broken. A young, single mom, her sole focus is taking care of the nursing home residents and her threeyearold son. She doesn't particularly believe in God, and even if she did, she doesn't see why He'd be interested in her as damaged as she is.
When Ace, her son's father, comes back to town claiming to have found God and wanting to make amends, the last thing she wants to deal with is him or what he has to say.
Will she be able to find the grace to...

A Wizard's Gambit (Empire's Foundation Book 2)
Ryan Toxopeus

Thomas, Sarentha, and Eliza will learn that peace never lasts. After fighting for their freedom, wicked forces beyond the Tamorran Empire's borders rise against them. Tamor's king falters when threats of genocide and an undead plague arise. The wouldbe heroes must fill new roles of responsibility and power to hold Tamor together.
When more menaces emerge, each darker than the last, their adventure spans the entire continent. Thomas, Sarentha, and Eliza must make difficult choices and face...

First Encounter (The Brown Rain Series Book 1)
Connie Cockrell

Seventeen years ago, the brown rain started falling without explanation, without excuse. It killed everything it touched.

Then, after four years of death and destruction, it stopped just as inexplicably.

Now Alyssa and Kyra, two young women from a surviving community, are sent out into a desolate world to look for other survivors. Between Alyssa’s unique power and Kyra’s roguish skills, they might just succeed. But what they end up finding in the outside world, despite...

Witchmas Eve: a Marshal of Magic file
Chris Lowry

They call it the Big Easy. Then why is it so damn hard?
Alright, he messed up. Accidentally partnered with a Valkarie who saved his life. But her spell scattered thirteen witches turned demon monsters across the US.
And the Judge was pissed.
Now the Marshal has a job to go. Go clean up the mess he made. First stop? NOLA. Home of Jazz, vampires and a Voo Doo woman named Phylis. Oh yeah, and a new Watcher, the Dixie Mafia, more witches and the soul demon he's been sent there to...