The Brayback Minions by Clive S. Johnson

This is my latest short story, to which one reader responded: "As ever, the setting of the story was very vividly drawn. It's an intriguing blend of almost fairy-tale logic and structure but with a real-world setting and characters. And I didn't see the ending coming. I knew something was up, and it probably wasn't going to be good news for Deluge, but the exact denouement was a complete surprise. Very cool."

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Clive S. Johnson

The world of The Green forbids demons. They have always been sent away whilst still young children, over the river to an unknown fate...until Janeen.
Ignorant of her true nature, she unwittingly bewitches the folk of her forest village until, on the cusp of womanhood, the inevitable finally happens. As a young woman demon, she soon brings chaos to the ordered ways on the other side, and with it profound consequences not...

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Cake & Quill Writing for the Greater Good since 2015

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