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Subject 37 (The Utopus Series)
Nathalie M.L. Römer

In a society of five hundred years in the future, Earth has essentially been split into two zones. The zone that is occupied by the humans of that time, called Utopus, is a clean environment, with good housing, good health care, plenty of food available. No one knows how Utopus is being able to be kept in this state.

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Naivety, sexual antics, evil domination, love, laughter, and catastrophe – it is all there.
Ben Coverdale is a happy, successful young man. He has a business which is thriving, and has been living with Mary Willson for the past five years.
But on the fifth anniversary of their moving in together, Mary announces that she is leaving him to live with Donald, a man many years her senior.
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A Soldier's Oath
Angelica Kate

Overcoming a history of hard knocks, Jett has made the military his entire life with no room for anything other than his next mission, or anyone outside of his team. Jett is one of the men that served with Bryce Holmes, carrying out covert operations for the military. When Bryce doesn’t make it out, Jett and the other two members of the team are tasked with carrying out their most important assignment to date. ...

Why Hockey Sucks and Other Random Thoughts
Bryan W. Alaspa

Does hockey suck? If so, why? What was the late Jerry Falwell’s first day in heaven like? Are people getting more rude? What’s it like to live in Chicago? All of these questions, and more, are answered within this book. Well, OK, maybe not really answered, but at least discussed.
Of course, all of it comes from the potentially insane mind of Bryan W. Alaspa. Bryan spent time as a selfproclaimed “selfsyndicated” columnist. Almost daily he would write a column and post it...

Campanelli: The Ping Tom Affair
Frederick H. Crook

It is 2109 in Chicago and a double murder is discovered in Ping Tom Memorial Park. Investigating the crime is Frank Campanelli, a blind homicide detective who relies on bioelectronics to see and do his job. Together with his partner, Marcus Williams, a former Navy SEAL, the pair discovers that one of the two victims is the son of the local boss of the Tong, the most powerful Chinese gang in the city.
Tensions among the Tong, the other Chinese gangs, and factions of the mob rise as no one...

Xavier: St Griswold College for Abandoned Boys
E.M. Cooper

In the first book of the Xavier series, Xavier Jones, an ordinary thirteenyearold boy is abandoned at St Griswold College deep within the mysterious Mourn Forest. As the world changes outside the school walls, evil brews at St Griswold. Xavier discovers the school and its inhabitants have strange customs and dark secrets. Everything he knows and believes about the world shifts.
He befriends Ethan and Gabe, an eccentric new arrival. Through them he discovers humour, hope and courage–and...