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Subject 37 (The Utopus Series)
Nathalie M.L. Römer

In a society of five hundred years in the future, Earth has essentially been split into two zones. The zone that is occupied by the humans of that time, called Utopus, is a clean environment, with good housing, good health care, plenty of food available. No one knows how Utopus is being able to be kept in this state.

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Gods of the Machines
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Detective Sam Benson, a native New Yorker, is brash, opinionated and candid. Transplanted to work on Earth’s first colonized planet, he envisions a relatively peaceful job. But Benson’s ruthless nature might bring it to the brink of annihilation when a series of murders begins. He suspects a nonhuman is responsible—an android who once shared engrams with a psychopathic human. However, the detective doesn’t know other nonhumans once called his new world—theirs. And as Benson...

Charlie MacCready Sirens In The Night
James M. McCracken

As Charlie's third summer at Saint Michael's Abbey and Home for boys begins there is another mystery brewing in the air.
Where there's smoke...
Can Saint Michael's Abbey escape its past? Or will they be doomed to repeat it?
Join Charlie and his friend Howard as they set out to silence the Sirens In The Night.......

If Tomorrow Never Comes (Harper Falls Book 2)
Mary J. Williams

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Dani Wilde had already met the love of her life and lost him. Two weeks of passion and romance five years ago. Then he had walked away.
Dani thought she had moved on, She dated, enjoyed the company of other men, even thought that she was keeping her heart open to the possibility of another love. But when Alex Fleming rode his motorcycle into Harper Falls, she knew she had been...

Iris (Planted Flowers Book 2)
Anna K Payne

Isolation. Confusion. Hope.
Iris lives a life of efficiency. Everything about her is controlled and orderly. Only the handsome neighbor’s dog can bring a smile to her face.
Iris receives an anonymous gift one evening at work. When they discover the crude piece of art is created with bloodbased paint, Iris is drawn into a murder investigation. Reluctantly she accepts help from her neighbor.
Distrustful and lonely, Iris seeks to hear God’s voice in a small group of women. Will she...