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Subject 37 (The Utopus Series)
Nathalie M.L. Römer

In a society of five hundred years in the future, Earth has essentially been split into two zones. The zone that is occupied by the humans of that time, called Utopus, is a clean environment, with good housing, good health care, plenty of food available. No one knows how Utopus is being able to be kept in this state.

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I am Cancer Free: A Memoir
Brenda Mohammed

Have you ever been touched by cancer or know someone who has? Has a doctor. ever told you she could do nothing more for you? Do you know what it is like to undergo several months of chemotherapy sessions and cancer surgery in a foreign country? Have you experienced that feeling of imminent death?
I am Cancer Free - A Memoir, is a touching and emotional true story of a woman's battle with Ovarian Cancer.

Detour: A Big Rig Thriller
Devorah Fox

It's February, 1993, and trucker Archie “Super Man” Harlanson is traveling to New York's Hudson Valley with misgivings. He's eager to see his girlfriend Debbie, but her elitist parents? Not so much. When he ends up at the family home, he figures the hardest part will be surviving the onslaught of relatives arriving to celebrate the birth of Debbie's nephew. That is until the US President announces his plans to hold a campaign event nearby and the town is caught up in the media frenzy....

a lady of perdida
john siney

The people of Perdida live in a peculiar limbo, their village lost somewhere on the border between Portugal and Spain. As insular as they are isolated, their church has no regular priest. Instead they must rely on the infrequent visits of a man on a donkey to bless their marriages, baptise their children, bury their dead and hear their confessions. When the peripatetic priest announces that this will be his last visit, however, that he has suffered a loss of faith, the people of the village...

Infiltration: A Spy Thriller
Shane Burns

The Phoenix is about to be unleashed.

After a lifetime of training, preparing, and infiltrating deep inside the US Government, her time has finally arrived to strike out at the highest reaches of American power with deadly precision.

Veteran FBI field agent Bill Neilson and his protégé Beth Mazarik will collide head-on with the intricate and lifelong operation, and are forced to wade through duplicity, tragedy, and the dark corners of Bill’s own mind to uncover the identity of...

SUBJECTED: Parallax - a novel (Book 1)
G. F. Smith

Subjected: Parallax
Are we meant to be more than human?
A Scientist, along with a reclusive Writer, are led on mysterious journeys to the past and the future, by an Alien—or Angel (they’re not sure which)—in a desperate effort to re-balance reality after a ruthless corporate mogul uses the scientist’s discovery to alter history to his own making...