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"Sarah's musings" includes information about being psychic or any other spiritual phenomena that I think you might be interested in. It could be books, shows or movies, interesting articles, workshops or courses, etc., much like "Sarah's newsletter", which you can sign up for on the blog.

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Sarah's Gift: Standing Up for Yourself
Erica Tucci

“'Stand up for yourself… Believe in yourself… You’re a special person… You have a gift…an extraordinary power.’ Bear’s words rang in Sarah’s ears. What does it all mean?”
Sarah is in fifth grade and has a gift. She can see spirits. When they begin appearing, everybody thinks she’s crazy, especially Tom Jacobson, a bully at school. Until…
Find out how Sarah’s gift helps her deal with Tom.
Activities at the end of the book help reinforce the story....

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The Book of Christian Inspiration: A Christian Living Reference
Phanuel Muverengwi

If you are looking for a great book on Christian living, you've found one.

Slice of Home, Slice of Life
Richard E. Davis

Monthly columns from bestselling writer Richard E. Davis about living in a small town in the Midwest. These were originally published in the Linn County Leader from 20052010. He is also the author of thriller Disaster at Havendale, a 1 Amazon bestseller.......

How To Waste Money Self Publishing
Bob Kern

The perfect book for new authors unfamiliar with the selfpublishing process and the pitfalls of marketing your first eBook. This book covers all the essentials for publishing without all the nonsense. It is filled with a number of examples of the many money traps out there offering secret formulas for success and other horse hockey designed to coerce new authors out of their hard earned money.......

Sing to me of words
Mrs Kimberly Lynn DuBoise

This is a collection of poetry that inspires, delights and gives expression to heartfelt emotions. With expressions of deeply felt awe and wonder, and sentiments of devotion, the author leads the reader through a personal experience. Be prepared to dive into the waters of spiritual seeking. This book of poems can be read like a daily meditation or devotional. Themes include faith, hope, love and finding peace.......

Seven Fish Tree
Ron Shaw

Mankind's ultimate questions are answered. Are we worthy? Are we ready?
On a pleasant fall day in 2013, Rod Travis, a retired police captain encounters two miracles that will ultimately alter the lives of every being on Earth.
Jon Huna recruits Rod with revelations, cryptic messages, and promises too good to be true... more like the ramblings of a pleasant messenger.
Initially, Rod anticipates financial gains from the purchase of a tree and a tract of land.
For the completion of...