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"Sarah's musings" includes information about being psychic or any other spiritual phenomena that I think you might be interested in. It could be books, shows or movies, interesting articles, workshops or courses, etc., much like "Sarah's newsletter", which you can sign up for on the blog.

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Sarah's Gift: Standing Up for Yourself
Erica Tucci

“'Stand up for yourself… Believe in yourself… You’re a special person… You have a gift…an extraordinary power.’ Bear’s words rang in Sarah’s ears. What does it all mean?”
Sarah is in fifth grade and has a gift. She can see spirits. When they begin appearing, everybody thinks she’s crazy, especially Tom Jacobson, a bully at school. Until…
Find out how Sarah’s gift helps her deal with Tom.
Activities at the end of the book help reinforce the story....

Have You Read?
Jeremy and the Summer of Stalking
Mark C Sutton

The greatest pervert and stalker that the United Kingdom has ever known is finally here in this fulllength tale of warped desires and unhinged passion!
Jeremy Felliwell is a very strange and unhinged individual; recently released back into society from a mysterious ‘establishment’, and shunned by most of his family because of ‘that thing that happened with great auntie Mavis shortly after Christmas lunch in 2003’, he is forced to live with an elderly relative, who he despises,...

Werewolf Asylum (The Amazing Wolf Boy Book 2)
Roxanne Smolen

Sixteenyearold Cody Forester is a werewolf. He lives in Loxahatchee, Florida, where his horrified parents banished him. He works hard at keeping his superpowers secret, yet the circle of people who know about him is expanding. Now a bona fide mad scientist is taking an interest in him. Cody learns that her posh werewolf retreat is actually a secret laboratory. Her inmates endure tests and torture to further her megalomaniac dream—while their unwitting families pay dearly in the hope of her...

A Horde of Dragons

Welcome to a multiauthor anthology from the fantastical minds of Jena Baxter, Guy Donovan, Barb Lieberman, Ellie Lieberman, Kindra Sowder, and Raven Williams. Within these pages, you will find stories of dragons that will tantalize your imagination and leave you wanting more. So sit back, relax a spell, and immerse yourself in A Horde of Dragons......

Second Strand
Carolyn McCrae

Second Strand is an excellently written, wellplotted murder mystery and is the 7th novel from awardwinning author Carolyn McCrae.
Alex and Teri are on the verge of breaking up after 12 years together when their elderly neighbour is found dying and their plans are put on hold. Two days later Alex, the police’s only suspect in what is now a murder investigation, disappears without trace.
Private investigators, hired by Teri, learn that Alex is the lost son of the victim but tracing...

Meet Miracle (The Adventures of Miracle Book 1)
Marie Tayse

Miracle was born into a litter of eleven. He was the runt and always had to compete for food and affection from his mother. Then one day a kind and gentle hand reached into the box and rescued him. From then on, he was loved and cared for by the lady and her family.
Miracle grew into a healthy, rambunctious house cat. These are his adventures. Read about when he met two new family members, encountered a horrifying monster, and learned there is such a thing as being too curious.......