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Musings from a Writer in the Arizona Desert.

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Nexus of the Worlds (The Askinar Towers Book 1)
Christopher Mentzer

Sara’s tenth birthday was concluded by a visit from the family friend known only as The Professor. He gives Sara a special key that starts her on a great adventure! Along with her sister, Erika, she gains access to a world dominated by four towers.
Their goal is to find a way back home and that means finding the Fifth Tower, which is considered a legend. Along the way they join up with a detective from 1935 New York, a female secret agent from 1969 Washington D.C., and a King’s...

Have You Read?
A Glimpse of the future
Emiliya Ahmadova

A short story
When evil forces descend upon and attack your family, you have only two choices: either you can allow it to overpower you and your family or you can choose to overcome this evil and win the battle. A young boy, Ramesh, sees his abusive and alcoholic father hit and killed by a reckless driver, a hideous and overpowering experience for Ramesh that lands him in a coma.
While unconscious, he is witness to a life wasted and promises spurnedthe genuine work of Satan. What is...

Evil Eyes
K.C. Sprayberry

Lisa is so ready for a break from the grueling first semester of college. Along with five other friends, she returns to Landry, and hopes to have nothing but fun. Within days, one of the group is the victim of a vindictive stalker, and Lisa herself is now in the man's sights. No matter what she does, she can't shake this person.
Fred has a little problem, but he figures he can take care of it himself, if he achieves fame with his folk rock band, OlneyOak Lane Sounds. Then he happens to...

Moriarity: Infinite Worlds, Infinite Choices
John Pirillo

Professor Moriarity has finally murdered Sherlock Holmes and now he has all of the Great Detective's friends hot on his tail. Knowing he faces certain death if caught, he abandons his London to leap across time and space to an alternate London where no one knows of him.
In a crazy twist of fate on the other side, the alternate London, James Moriarity, a duplicate of Professor Moriarity is trying to avoid the London police at the same time. He rushes to escape the scene of the crime and...

Son of Anubis
Stacy Bennett

Jake is the best bomb dog at Newark International, the pride of the force and his partner, Becca Carter. But when he accidentally ferrets out an ancient artifact, their routine sniffandsearch goes horribly wrong. His heart has always belonged to Becca, but Jake never realized what losing her would mean until the night he found the Egyptian jar and tasted the wine of Anubis. The night they were attacked by werewolves…in Newark.
Injured and hunted, Jake struggles to understand the strange...

Disaster at Havendale
Richard E. Davis

With a tornadic onslaught of epic proportions bearing down on the town of Havendale, Missouri, (population 15,025) high school student and budding meteorologist Dick Travis, along with his teacher and mentor, Ted Dalton, must find a way to save as many as they can before the deadly storm hits.......