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Musings from a Writer in the Arizona Desert.

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Nexus of the Worlds (The Askinar Towers Book 1)
Christopher Mentzer

Sara’s tenth birthday was concluded by a visit from the family friend known only as The Professor. He gives Sara a special key that starts her on a great adventure! Along with her sister, Erika, she gains access to a world dominated by four towers.
Their goal is to find a way back home and that means finding the Fifth Tower, which is considered a legend. Along the way they join up with a detective from 1935 New York, a female secret agent from 1969 Washington D.C., and a King’s...

Have You Read?
EL BARCO DE CRISTAL (Spanish Edition)
Oliver Frances

Este libro inserta al lector en un fascinante relato lleno de emoción y drama, siendo el carácter moral un elemento que destaca. El Barco de Cristal es una historia protagonizada por un hombre llamado Frederic ("Nuestro Sabio"), y nos relata cómo él busca experimentar el placer de enseñarle a un joven todos su conocimientos, siguiendo un camino que traería un final insospechado tanto para él como para el discípulo.
¿Qué es la libertad y cómo se alcanza? ¿Cuál es el valor de...

Once Upon a... Wait!
Cheryl Matthynssens

A delightful bedtime tale to bring a smile to every dragon lover's face no matter the age.
All across the world parents are reading goodnight stories to settle little ones to bed. At the same time, many of these children are finding ways to stay up. A glass of water, a story, a hug: The myriad of excuses goes on and on. Once Upon a ... Wait! is a look at this delightful dance as Storm tries to avoid going to sleep.......

Cold Slither: and other horrors of the weird west (Dark Trails
David J. West

"If evil won't stay buried, you get a Legend to put it back in the ground!"
Porter Rockwell is a Gunslinger, Lawman and Outlaw, and all around Devil of a
Saint. Good thing he's on our side!
Blessed by a holy man, Porter was promised that if he never cut his hairno bullet nor blade could harm himbut nobody mentioned all of the supernatural dangers he would run across. From Aztec snake gods to man eating thunderbirds, Cajun zombies and even an ancient vampire there isn't anything...

Jay (Children of the Night Book 1)
Heather Wielding

Some things are too precious to be wasted. Like love. And blood.
From its violent beginning, Jay's life is paved with death. Sired by a vampire, born to a human mother, Jay is the only known halfbreed to walk the earth. Desperate to find her place, oblivious to the ways of her immortal kin, Jay finds herself in the jaws of the prison system, and in the bounds of a mortal lover. As Others learn of her existence, Jay's time starts ticking out. Love and blood bind her to a life she...

Cold Fear
Suzanne Brandyn

Suspense with a touch of romance.
Macy Donovan battles a terrifying nightmare to protect her twoyearold daughter, Faith from an intruder, and is knocked unconscious. When she regains consciousness, her daughter is missing.
As the police widen their futile search, Macy struggles to pick up the pieces of an unimaginable life. Urged to take a break she heads to an isolated cabin with a girlfriend to recuperate so she can continue searching, only to face her worst nightmare— times ten....