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Sometimes I write books. Sometimes I don't.

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Codename Cupcake
Jillian Green DiGiacomo

CODENAME CUPCAKE is an old fashioned stayathomemom turned superhero spy novel. It is the story of Molly Peterson, a frazzled mother of two, who is recruited by a super spy agency to infiltrate the PTA at her own son's elementary school. A staunch PTA avoider, Molly is disappointed to learn that her assignment will require her to not only join the PTA but “become” the PTA. Midwood Elementary School is cooling at an alarming rate and Molly must spend as much time as possible in the...

Have You Read?
The Pyramids of Atlantis: Could it be that that Time Travel
Jason Shaw

Extracts from a professional critique done on the book
The very first impression I gained from The Pyramids of Atlantis is that it is a very professionally written and highly competently constructed novel which held my attention literally from first paragraph to last. It has drama, mystery and a sophisticated plot. I found myself reading the book in two sittings which is probably indicative of its quality since it is by no means a short novel. The book as a whole has a great deal to...

Chad T. Douglas

Benni Dublanc is exemplary, which, in the year 2622 CE, is entirely ordinary. She’s young, she’s pretty, she’s in love, and she attends Academy Aeraea, a center of fashion, thought and modern style built on the pulse of the greatest city ever imagined—Genesia, Mars. Like all Genesians, Benni has never seen a blue sky, she can summon any and all knowledge into view with nothing more than a thought, makes her daily twohundred kilometer commute in two minutes, and was sculpted into a...

RIG: A Novel of Terror
Bryan Alaspa

Rig 42, the largest and most advanced oil rig the world has ever known, has just hit something. The airwaves fill with the sounds of screaming, terror, and torture, and then there is silence. Now, the biggest oil rig in the world sits quietly. But something evil has infiltrated the massive structure. The company is desperate to find out what’s happened. A team of...

Wings of Honor
Jay Williams

In 1985 an unknown killer stalks the skies of North Carolina, shooting down defenseless, unarmed small aircraft. His weapon of choice: a Fokker Dr. I, a replica of the machine used so effectively in WWI by Manfred von Richtofen, the “Red Baron.” WINGS OF HONOR takes off on the tale of the two men who attempt to hunt down that killer. Dallas Wright, an NTSB investigator, loves to do everything by the book, from keeping the stats on his beloved Baltimore Orioles, to writing such detailed...

Vengeance Of Shadows (The Baiulus Series Book 1)
Darren Lewis

In Seren Trilogy, Ellie and her dragon Cole journeyed to the far reaches of our past to prevent the war between man and dragonkind, and could not return home.
In the present day, an Ellie exists that never encountered the dragons, but she somehow harbors the memories of them. Ellie's life has become as normal as it can, for a girl who visits the home of talking rabbits.
But a darkness has been woken in the village. Bitter memories of the past and a thirst for vengeance upon the guilty...