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Love, Lies and Murder (The Charlotte Ross Mysteries)
Evelyn Cullet

Charlotte Ross sees her world about to crumble when the man she’s in love with–her mysterious boss, John Trent— announces his engagement to someone else.
Charlotte’s best friend, dubious globetrotter and mystery author, Jane Marshall, arrives back in town only to stumble across the gruesome corpse of the town’s millionaire industrialist. When Jane becomes determined to find the killer, Charlotte joins forces with her friend to ease her heartbreak. In the process, the two...

Have You Read?
The Forgotten Age: Book 1, Rise of the Druids
Wayne M Sefton

History. A record, not always accurate as it was often written by the victor, of the events that led up to the here and now.
But there is another history, a history forgotten by the historians of the race of Man, one that is remembered by those who themselves exist only in myth and folklore. A history from the dawn of this world when Man walked with Elves and Dwarfs, from before the great sleep that saw the Dinosaurs thrive and die. A history from the time of magic. But that was long ago...

Too Cute To Kill (A Jake and Emma Mystery Book 1)
Linda Crowder

In this short, cozy mystery, Jake and Emma Rand discovered each other after they both left painful first marriages. Their idyllic life together in the shadow of Casper Mountain is shattered when they stumble across the frozen body of a woman after an early blizzard. When the police investigation stalls, Jake and Emma set out to unravel the puzzle of who she is and how she met her lonely fate. What they uncover will rock this small western town to its core.......

Hidden Secrets: Book Two in the DeBois Series
Sue Raymond

US Marshal Jean DeBois must stop the wacked out prophecy witness Su Anderson’s nanny keeps spouting from coming true.
Jean must keep Su alive long enough to testify before the Grand Jury to stop drug cartel Michelin Hogan from getting away with murder.
Things are getting too complicated as Jean is having feelings for Su that is getting in the way of her protection.......

Awakenings (Tri-Light Series Book 1)
Debbie Adam

Evelyn has spent her formative years at boarding school, as an outsider, learning most of what she knows from the internet. At eighteen, she falls into a world of the supernatural. Where she finds her soul mate; Luc, the irresistibly, sexy vamp/mage hybrid and coven leader. He shows her things she could never have imagined were possible. Follow Evie’s journey of selfdiscovery as she meets creatures from fairy tales, and finds out that the world she grew up in is a big fat lie. Recommended...

Poetic Justice (The Justice Series Book 1)
Lori James

Reedited Kindle Version Nov. 2014
When Homicide Detective Mark Stevens receives a phone call to report to a bloody crime scene, he has no idea how his life is about to change. When he finds himself having feelings for the murder victim’s sister, he’s determined to remain professional.
The new, ambitious prosecuting attorney can’t wait to sink his teeth into his first murder trial. Seemingly lucky for him, a murder victim’s body is found his first day on the job. Not so luckily...