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Author Blog devoted to my THREE books. All are Amazon Kindle and currently FREE to Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Otherwise, at a sale price. "Discovering Treasure" 1920's Romance "Cherisher Encounter" Contemporary Love "Abused Without Mercy" A true story of domestic violence, with self help.

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Discovering TREASURE: A Christian Romance to Stir Magic in the
Crystal Mary Lindsey

It’s 1925 and Paris is the city of romance and exotic fashion. Treasure Gilroy is a famous model living in the heart of this dazzle, working between London, New York and Milan.
Then suddenly and inexplicably she vanishes from her opulent lifestyle.
Having inherited her grandmother’s estate, Treasure journeys back to a beautiful valley on the other side of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, outback Australia.
She travels with her best friend, Ella, who is English and works...

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Re-cast (Casting Couch Book 2)
Michael J Kerwood

The Casting Couch quintet .
This is a story about three cottages. They sit adjacent in an isolated lane in North Wales, UK. In their time they have had many occupants, some of them have left of their own free will, and some of them... haven’t.
The first book replicates the immediate existence of our four main protagonists, who, for the first few pages, are very much two dimensional until Dogleg Lane and its three cottages stamp their illogical influence upon them.
The four...

The Lovers' Tango
Mark Rubinstein

Everything in Bill Shaw's life changed the moment he met the beautiful actress Nora Reyes. But as a writer, he feared their love story would have a tragic ending. Fifteen years after that fateful encounter, Bill is in the DA's crosshairs: his research for a novel has eerie parallels to the circumstances surrounding Nora's death. In a harrowing progression of events, a murder trial ensues. What exactly did happen between Bill and Nora the day she died? And what constitutes truth? Fiction and...

Bittersweet Revenge
Misty Dawn Bratcher

Years ago, she was a defenseless child, crying from all of the pain and humiliation she has to endure.
“One of these days I’ll come back and kill every one of you perverts. I swear I will,” she sobs, into the cold, dark room.
Now she’s back, ready to get her revenge.......

Trampled Underfoot: The Dirt on Vic and Lia (Fate Book 2)
Elizabeth Good

No One Ever Chooses to Be Trampled Underfoot
. . . Or do they? The effects of Fate were immediately felt by the Benedict family after their move in 1968, from New York City to New Jersey, and reverberate far into the future in this dramatic and fastpaced, standalone, followup novel.
Trampled Underfoot takes us on one more nostalgic journey through the 1970s and, once again, Ms. Good blurs the lines between true life events and fictionseamlessly picking up the story from when we last...

The Lonely Snowflake
Patrick S. Stemp

Snowflake is trying to find a friend who looks just like her. But all snowflakes are unique, and she is worried that she'll never find someone exactly like her to be her friend.......