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Trampled Underfoot: The Dirt on Vic and Lia (Fate Book 2)
Elizabeth Good

No One Ever Chooses to Be Trampled Underfoot
. . . Or do they? The effects of Fate were immediately felt by the Benedict family after their move in 1968, from New York City to New Jersey, and reverberate far into the future in this dramatic and fastpaced, standalone, followup novel.
Trampled Underfoot takes us on one more nostalgic journey through the 1970s and, once again, Ms. Good blurs the lines between true life events and fictionseamlessly picking up the story from when we last...

Have You Read?
Jonah Gibson

'Jonah Gibson rocks this book!'
'Read it nonstop.'
'Kept me up half the night!'
A Florida based comedy thriller that reads like Carl Hiassen or Tim Dorsey, Speedster is a laughoutloud romp through the seedier facets of some popular tourist destinations. Full of twists and surprises and interesting characters who come together like a dysfunctional family to make you rethink your vacation plans. From beach to strip club to fish camp to gated community, it will grab you by the belt and...

Wild in the Yukon
Karl Kaulback

This world is filled with “Thinkers” and “Dreamers”. Some people spend their lives wishing or praying for something that they think they are missing. Fulfillment, satisfaction, spiritual connections and instant gratifications are only to mention a few. The character in this book is a doer. William is the son of a mixed marriage couple and was born in the Yukon Territories wilderness. Although brought up in isolation he was taught to not only survive but to conquer his goals and...

Cloud Cuckoo (The Never Dawn, Book 2)
R.E. Palmer

Following their shock discovery, Noah and Rebekah reluctantly return to the lower levels of The Ark. Isolated and apart once more, Noah struggles to remember what happened at the surface and suspects Mother has altered his memory.
But Noah's attempts to unite the workers to rebel are halted when Mother begins The Purge. Her cruel, relentless trials bring Noah to breaking point as he fights to survive when faced by his worst fears. Forced to...

Bryan W. Alaspa

A thriller from the author of RIG: A Novel of Terror, The Dead Phone and After the Snowfall.
It's a day the town of Dust will never forget
A small town with big secrets sits simmering in the summer heat. A town that will soon face the horror of what they have been hiding with truly explosive consequences. "Dust" is the story of a day in the life of a small town that has been hiding its secrets for so long that they have begun to fester. Now, they are about to explode.......

Frosted Cowboy: A Novel
Charlene Ross

For a limited time only $3.99 / £2.99
Laney Delaney was living the dream. She had a fabulous fiancé and a career as a couture wedding dress designer. But after catching her (notsofabulous) fiancé cheating and being accused of upstaging one of her brides at a wedding, Laney finds herself with no boyfriend, no job and no plan.
After some serious soul searching, Laney is determined to start over. She embarks on a design career that takes her from a Rodeo Drive boutique to a flea...